By Lisa Peck, ASID

I like to say I learn something new everyday. As a professional designer I have broad knowledge of interior materials, finishes and furnishings. And there are always new options coming onto the market. Staying fresh and incorporating these options into our work at LiLu Interiors is one of many ways we keep our work relevant.

As I left Minneapolis for High Point market this April I was filled with anticipation, we had scoured websites and catalogues with the goal of using this market to check out the best of the new lines available to designers. We used the photographs in the catalogues and websites to “pre-screen” the new lines and had carefully planned to visit only the best resources to be efficient with our time at market. And when we started touring I re-learned a lesson I already knew but the reminder was welcome.

Photos in catalogues and websites can be deceiving! Products are carefully groomed, styled and perhaps even photoshopped to look better than they are in reality. We all know this applies to models but when we look at a sofa i