Design Success with your New Year’s Resolutions into Your Home

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  By Lisa Peck, ASID It’s the New Year and about half of you have made new years resolutions. In a few months, when you check back in with yourself and ask…did I succeed in keeping my resolution the answer for 92% of you will be no! (according to Statistics Brain) Do you want to [...]

Creating Space for New Year’s Resolutions – Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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Creating space in your home for New Year's Resolution's might take some creative thought, but it could be a simpler approach than dedicating an entire room to your cause. For example, maybe your New Year's Resolution is to practice yoga at home?  The first step is to create the floor space needed. Maybe this involves [...]

Designing New Year’s Resolutions into Your Home – According to LiLu

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The first step in designing your New Year's resolutions into your home and life is to align them with your values. Start with identify what you care about. More importantly the key factor to accomplishing your resolutions is the next step.  Designing New Year's Resolutions into your home, and therefore your life. Consider designing space [...]