Modern Outdoor Furniture with an Edge

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Modern outdoor with a twist… Today’s Look of the Day. Check out our round up of furniture and accessory pieces for an outdoor space that is Modern with an edge. Sculptural shapes and unexpected elements create an outdoor space like no other. Just enough. And not too much. [...]

8 True Blue Beauties for your Home: LiLu’s Look of the Day

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY There are blue people and then there are BLUE PEOPLE! Those who love the color blue will have no trouble sourcing home decor in their favorite hue. It's everywhere and blue people everywhere can rejoice! But alas! All blues are not equal. There is an abundance of shades [...]

Inspired by Mary Jo Hoffman: Look of the Day

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY LiLu's Look of the Day is Inspired by the artwork of Mary Jo Hoffman. This artist's simple, spare photographs are beautiful and evoke a certain mood. The round up of good-looking interior stuff we are showing you today is just that; simple, natural, evocative. Does this look resonate [...]

Modern Bar Cabinet Hardware: LiLu’s Shoppable Look of the Day

LILU'S SHOPPABLE LOOK OF THE DAY Modern Bar Cabinet Hardware is today's shoppable look of the day! We took a sneak peek into this modern, upscale bar design and one of the supporting design features is the modern bar cabinet hardware used on the cabinetry. Read the blog here.  Simple and Clean-lined are [...]

Autumn Happy Hour at Home-According to LiLu

by Lisa Peck, ASID Hosting an autumn happy hour at home is a simple way to entertain at home. As the air becomes chillier, the time for easy outdoor barbecues is at an end and with the full on rush that is our fall family schedule, the thought of having a dinner party sends a [...]

Peek at a Kitchen Design- A Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day! It's the unofficial end of Summer and the day we celebrate Labors of Love in all forms. For parents, work done in the kitchen is often a labor of love- cooking, cleaning and family meals. A lot of time is spent in the average American kitchen. But if you are spending so much [...]

Classic Family Dining Room Design: Peek at a Project

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID This casual dining space off of the kitchen needed to seat a family of six plus occasional guests. We didn't have much space to work with. So we designed an 8 foot long table with two benches and 6 chairs. Also nearby are 7 counter stools. The design does [...]

Collecting Art-A Guide –According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck Collecting Art- A Guide is a look at collecting and living with original art through the eyes of an experienced designer. At LiLu Interiors we work with people who have varied budgets and knowledge of art but we want everyone to be able to surround himself or herself with beauty and that [...]