Grand Entrance~ LiLu’s Look of the Day

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What is the first thing you see when you walk into your home? Does your entry vista leave something to be desired? Maybe you are in need of a little oomph in the foyer? Check out some of LiLu's favorite entry consoles, center tables and chests to create a grand statement in a home's entry. [...]

Handsome Accents- Friday’s Look of the Day

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Happy Friday! We're featuring Handsome Accents as Today's Look of the Day. We've rounded up some of our favorite pieces to lend a certain masculine sophistication to a room.... an air of debonair and devil may care.  

Maker Nation: A Rising Trend

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  Maker Nation: A Rising Trend Today on the blog we're giving you a peek at an upcoming trend centered around all things hand crafted and artisan made. We call it Maker Nation. Unique details done by hand create connection to the craft. Honest materials are used in new ways. A grounding color palette emphasizes [...]

Designer Super Bowl

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Designer Super Bowl Party A designer Super Bowl party? The reality is everything is designed. Whether we know it or not. Someone designs the pen we hold in our hand. Someone designs the car we drive. Someone designs the home we live in. And someone designs the experiences we have. Often WE design our own experiences (we [...]

The Story Behind Timeless Treasure—According to LiLu

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When Joan and John first moved into their architecturally designed home in Minneapolis, they had young children. Much of the interior was geared toward supporting a warm, welcoming space to raise a family. Colors and patterns were chosen to offer a fun vibe, while hiding wear and tear as much as possible. That was 20 [...]

Home Theater Room Seating Friday’s Look of the Day

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Home theater room seating is a critical part of the overall experience (right after the picture and sound!), and as interior designers LiLu believes the utmost in comfort and quality are top criteria. Also important is to fit into the overall aesthetic of the room to enhance the space and create the mood. In designer [...]

Master Bath Amenities: Peek at a Bath Remodel

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Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? You've probably been dreaming about new countertops and cabinets. You've probably had your eye on some luxurious tile. But what about improving the function and creating an easier, more enjoyable morning routine with some hotel-like amenities? Check out this Monday's Peek at a Project where we take you [...]

Designing Your Travel Memories Into Your Home-According To LiLu Interiors-Pro Tips

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By Lisa Peck, ASID Traveling is inspiring. It opens our minds, hearts and eyes to a feast of new perspectives and new beauty. When you come home designing travel memories into you home can extend the inspiration. At LiLu Interiors, we love to help you keep the fabulous feeling inspired by travel going all year [...]

Green with Envy? Don’t Be!-Friday’s Look of the Day

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Green with envy over your neighbor's new green design scheme? Don't be! We can design one for you too! Check out these spaces by LiLu Interiors along with a few ideas about how you can bring the color green into your home!