Design Trends at the Homes by Architects Tour – Friday’s Look of the Day

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This year we saw many design trends at the Homes by Architects Tour. When we refer to trends we do not mean trendy, as in a short-lived fad that comes and goes but rather a common theme or movement that represents lasting values.  Friday's look of the day features these design trends, take a look [...]

AIA Homes by Architects Tour – Peek at LiLu Blog History

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In 2008 we were inspired to start a LiLu interiors blog where we could share inspiring thoughts about design. It all began when Lisa attended the AIA Tour.  Lisa wrote in that first blog entry that it was exciting "that we live in a community where people are interested enough in the arts and in [...]

Light and Bright Feels Just Right—Friday’s Look of the Day

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 Joan epitomizes the moniker, “hostess with the mostest”. Imagine a home where you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in the front door. And then you hope the moment never comes when you have to leave. Friends, family and even visiting authors and opera artists have been the recipients of Joan’s lavish hospitality. Maintaining [...]

Timeless Treasure Monday’s Peek at a Project

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  “I have confidence that everything will be done beyond my expectations.” This confidence is one of the many benefits LiLu has enjoyed from long-lasting relationships with clients like Joan. “Lisa knows what my taste is and I have full confidence in her ability to work with me.” After 20 years of living in the [...]

Home Theater and Media Room Design – Peek at a LiLu Project

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In designing our client's home theater and media room we selected a variety of seating to provide the utmost in comfortable seating and give them the best of both worlds: a fully upholstered pillow back sectional with a chaise end for a feet-up, make - yourself - at - home experience as well as reclining leather [...]

Experiencing The Best Of Summer: Summer Window Treatment Ideas

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Experiencing the best of summer, summer window treatment ideas… Want your space to feel summery? Creating a summer-like color palette would be a natural place to start. But there is more to creating a feeling of summer than just color. One tried and true way to get the summer vibes going is by designing a [...]

Designing Staycation Experiences Into Your Daily Life

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Designing staycation experiences. When returning from vacation we reflect on the wonderful experiences and relive our vacation in our minds. There are many things about vacation we would love to duplicate at home, often starting with the weather! But what about the rest? The conveniences built into our hotel rooms, the dining atmosphere that makes [...]

Luxury Hotel Bath Amenities for Your Home

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Luxury hotel bath amenities shouldn't only be found at luxury hotels. Designing a luxury hotel bath experience into your own home will make it feel like vacation every day. Pamper yourself with the amenities that make daily life more enjoyable. At LiLu Interiors we love thoughtfully thinking through all the details for our clients. Designing details that [...]

CRAFT ROOM ESSENTIALS!: 6 things your craft room needs

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By Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Are you thinking of creating a craft room in your home? Do you want to improve the one you already have? Here are the 6 top tips from LiLu Interiors. We would consider them Craft Room Essentials, necessary for creative inspiration and maximum creative productivity!           [...]

Craft Room Design – Peek at a LiLu Project

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Thoughtfully planned craft room design can include a space to do and store just about anything you wish - long rolls of gift wrap paper, tiny jars of paint, large format sheets of paper or canvases, varying sizes of scissors and paint brushes.  Whatever is on your list a thoughtful plan can make the design of [...]