Summer at the Seaside: Newport Rhode Island Condo

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    Summer at the Seaside: A peek at a Newport, Rhode Island Condo designed by LiLu Interiors This was one of those fun projects where we got to combine two things that don't always go together: Nautical and Modern. Our client's vacation home certainly called for nautical inspiration, it's got beautiful views of the [...]

Ladies in Waiting: Peek at a Project

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  Take a peep at this space we designed for a client. The guest room adjacent to the master bedroom will serve as an extra closet space for the master as well as an entertaining space. We're calling it the Ladies in Waiting Room. It's decked out with all of the necessities: -Comfortable seating -A [...]

Maker Nation: A Rising Trend

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  Maker Nation: A Rising Trend Today on the blog we're giving you a peek at an upcoming trend centered around all things hand crafted and artisan made. We call it Maker Nation. Unique details done by hand create connection to the craft. Honest materials are used in new ways. A grounding color palette emphasizes [...]

The Best Media Cabinets!

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The Best Media Cabinets! LiLu Interiors presents some of our favorite media cabinet designs. What do we love about these pieces of furniture? That they don't look like media cabinets of course! Which one is your favorite?  

Soothing Color Palettes- LiLu’s Look of the Day

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Soothing Color Palettes- LiLu's Look of the Day Check out some of LiLu's favorite colors for creating calm featured in these spaces designed by LiLu Interiors. Creating a calm, serene, soothing space in a bedroom, bathroom or living space is a goal for many home owners. Today we are sharing photos of some of serene [...]

The Girl Power Look- Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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The Girl Power Look- Friday's LiLu Look of the Day Sometimes knowing the story behind a product makes it just that much better. If you're looking for some girl power, you might want to support one of these female power house designers who are creating some of the most innovative and just plain fun fabrics [...]

Essential Home Office Accessories for Her- Friday’s Look of the Day

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Essential Home Office Accessories for Her Check out LiLu Interiors' essential home office accessories for the hard working lady!  

Friday’s Look of the Day: Colorful Wallcoverings

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Friday's Look of the day is Colorful Wallcoverings!  Wallcoverings aka wallpaper have come a long, long way in the recent years.  We used to call them wallpapers, but now wallcovering, a more suitable term, as it might just not be paper that is going on the walls.  The best thing about wallcoverings is that is [...]

Peek at a Project: Uplifting, Lively and Inviting

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Uplifting, Lively and Inviting is the concept for our clients who have just relocated and are looking to lift up their home.  We will be doing this by touches of sophistication while being functional to everyday living and a reflection of them and their family.  Spaces will be feel light, bright and happy!  The goal [...]

Designer Super Bowl

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Designer Super Bowl Party A designer Super Bowl party? The reality is everything is designed. Whether we know it or not. Someone designs the pen we hold in our hand. Someone designs the car we drive. Someone designs the home we live in. And someone designs the experiences we have. Often WE design our own experiences (we [...]