Secret Garden-According to a LiLu Client

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With grown kids living in Seattle, New York City and the Twin Cities, Christy and her husband Matt envisioned their condo in downtown Minneapolis as a place for the entire family to get together. It was centrally located city living offered lots to do for their two grandkids. And yet the couple saw retirement [...]

Secret Garden Condo-Monday’s Peek at a Project

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MONDAY'S PEEK AT A PROJECT Christy and Matt have been traveling the world for years. They’ve accumulated unique artifacts during their many adventures abroad. While in France, they picked up a love of Monet’s Garden. They’re collection of keepsakes grew to include an extensive art collection of their own and an eclectic array [...]

Gratitude & Gathering

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ACCORDING TO LILU The Holiday season is on the horizon! Thanksgiving’s arrival on the calendar triggers us to prepare for hosting and gathering of family and friends. Gratitude and gathering go hand in hand. A peek into the varied and wonderful work we do might give you a sense of the gratitude we [...]

Peek at a Photoshoot Styling Project

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MONDAY'S PEEK AT A PROJECT Part of the interior design biz is the interior photoshoot! When we have a project that shows off a new aspect of our work, we take the time to photograph it to use it as a tool to help potential clients understand the breadth of our work and [...]

Live and Design with Intention

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by Lisa Peck, ASID At LiLu Interiors when we start a project we want to get to know you very well. Trusting someone you just met can be difficult. You must take a leap of faith. As interior designers we want to know how you really want to live. Not what you think is safe [...]

Design Moments of Happiness

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ACCORDING TO LILU Design little moments of happiness into your life! There are lots of ways to do this. First, you should identify what makes you happy; colors, photos, or objects with special meaning, to name just a few. Then set the intention to design them into your daily life. Objects with special [...]

Memorable Design Elements

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FRIDAY'S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Friday's LiLu Look of the Day features accessories and materials that would make any space feel memorable! From wallcovering and art, to unique lamps and side tables, an unexpected element in a room can stay with you for years to come. Side table by [...]

Home Holds Memories-According to LiLu Interiors

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Home Holds Memories-According to LiLu Interiors When we think back on the memories of our youth, often we remember not only whom we were with but also where we were. The kitchen that our grandmother had, the special room we picked the colors for in our adolescence or the super cool neighbors house. [...]

When Tables are Turned—Friday’s Look of the Day

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By Josh Anderson Our feature project Condo-maximum includes a custom dining table that perfectly fits the needs of our clients. Susie loves to cook. And she wanted their move into a condo in downtown Minneapolis to offer her the ability to comfortably host large gatherings of family and friends. As a result, a unique requirement [...]

Update for Blah Kitchen- Peek at a Project

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  Our latest peek at a project is another kitchen that needed a small update. Our client moved into a new home and didn't love the kitchen. She isn't a cook, so there weren't any functional problems. She just wanted the space to be more welcoming and reflect her personality. And she didn't want to [...]