Closet Organization Products: Shoppable Look of the Day

Closet Organization Products is today's Shoppable Look of the Day. We can't help but notice how many people have taken to Marie Kondo's Spark Joy Book and have been all cleaning, organizing and decluttering their lives. People have been setting intentions for improving their space and have seen dramatic results for how it is [...]

Look of the Day: 1920’s Bathroom Remodel

FRIDAY'S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY 1920's Bathroom Remodel These past two weeks we have given you a peek into a St. Paul Remodel where our client purchased her dream home.  With smart space planning and innovative thinking we have re-organized spaces to give her all the items on her design checklist. Lighting [...]

Interior Designer Textiles-Sylvie and Mira-According to LiLu

SYLVIE AND MIRA-TEXTILES FOR INTERIORS Interior Designer Textiles-Sylvie and Mira When I was a college student studying interior design, I had a dream to one day design a textile line for interiors and that dream has been realized through my textile line Sylvie and Mira. It's especially dear to my heart because I [...]

LiLu Interiors Peek at a Project: St. Paul Dream Home Remodel

Dream Home Remodel Last week we featured an upper level remodeling project for our client who wished to add a master ensuite to her St Paul home. For today’s peek at a project we are looking at the remodeling project we are designing for this same client on the main level. Dream Home Remodel [...]