Modern Outdoor Furniture with an Edge

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Modern outdoor with a twist… Today’s Look of the Day. Check out our round up of furniture and accessory pieces for an outdoor space that is Modern with an edge. Sculptural shapes and unexpected elements create an outdoor space like no other. Just enough. And not too much. [...]

How We Designed the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

PEEK AT A PROJECT Today's Peek at a Project is a look at an ordinary outdoor patio with an extraordinary view. As part of a larger project, our client came to us wanting to use an existing patio space better. Her main goal was to entertain. She wanted to be able to enjoy [...]

Family Forever Home-Ohana Mau Loa-According to LiLu Interiors

Family Forever Home: Ohana Mau Loa In Hawaii, Ohana Mau Loa means family forever. And for clients Chris and Marna, this is something they wanted to see supported in the construction of their vacation home on the Big Island. A Family Forever Home. Island Life It wasn’t simply about scale, although [...]

Ohana Mau Loa: A Peek at a Hawaiian Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT Join us this week on the blog as we take a closer look at a new construction project we worked on in Hawaii. We have to admit that the tropical location definitely provided us with a unique and exciting design opportunity. But even more so, LiLu had the opportunity [...]

8 True Blue Beauties for your Home: LiLu’s Look of the Day

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY There are blue people and then there are BLUE PEOPLE! Those who love the color blue will have no trouble sourcing home decor in their favorite hue. It's everywhere and blue people everywhere can rejoice! But alas! All blues are not equal. There is an abundance of shades [...]

A Guide to the Perfect Blues-According to LiLu Interiors

A GUIDE TO THE PERFECT BLUES Blue is a perfect color to incorporate into your home! And we are sharing the A Guide to the Perfect Blues today. Why? Blue is serene and in today's world a calm home environment is a priority for many people. An intention for many of our clients is [...]

His and Hers Master Suite Remodel

PEEK AT A PROJECT A his and hers master suite remodel story… For years our clients dreamed of living a lakeside life. Their intention was to buy a home on a local lake that matched their style. They found the perfect location but the home was out of date and not a reflection [...]

Inspired by Mary Jo Hoffman: Look of the Day

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY LiLu's Look of the Day is Inspired by the artwork of Mary Jo Hoffman. This artist's simple, spare photographs are beautiful and evoke a certain mood. The round up of good-looking interior stuff we are showing you today is just that; simple, natural, evocative. Does this look resonate [...]

Meet Mary Jo Hoffman MN Artist-According to LiLu

MEET MARY JO HOFFMAN MN ARTIST A few years ago, I did a gratitude art journal, which included photos of small moments of my day. The moments that made me feel grateful. It really helped me notice each moment. I slowed down and saw how many beautiful moments each day held, from a warm [...]

How We Brought an Outdated Lake Home from Tired to Nature-Inspired!

LAKE HOME TRANSFORMATION: PEEK AT A PROJECT LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Our clients purchased an outdated lake home because they were excited about the location- on a beautiful lake so close to the shoreline you could almost touch it! They always envisioned living on a lake and all the outdoor activities that come with [...]