LiLu Interiors’ Look of the Day: Home Products that will Help you Declutter and Organize

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Home Products for Organization and De-clutter Today's Look of the Day on the Blog is all about organization and de-cluttering your home. We love to help people make the spaces in their lives better for everyday use and to help them live their best life.  Sometimes it is as simple as photo boxes or [...]

LiLu Interiors’ Top 5 Organization Tips for the New Year (Plus One Super-Sneaky Bonus Tip to Increase Motivation!)

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WEDNESDAY ACCORDING TO LILU Here it is! Our favorite tricks for getting organized in the New Year by LiLu Interiors, Minneapolis based Interior Designers. Check out what we think can help you finally conquer your organizational tasks in 2019! 1.) Roll Everything to Maximize Space! This is my fave! I have implemented this [...]

Cozy Destination Spots

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PEEK AT A PROJECT We just installed this home and we are SO EXCITED about it. We are still waiting for a few finishing touches to arrive, so we're just giving you a little sneak peek today. It's a perfect project for the start of fall because it's got lots of cozy destination [...]

Peter Pan Inspired Nursery

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MONDAY'S PEEK AT A PROJECT This LiLu designed, Peter Pan-inspired nursery at grandma's house is memorable for so many reasons. The starting point for the design was the client's adorable Peter Pan needle pointing. She started hand making these pieces even before she became a grandmother. Now with two grandchildren, they are the [...]

Yoga Room: Peek at a Project

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  Peek at a Project: Yoga Room! Check out this yoga room designed by LiLu Interiors. For this serene, yet energizing space, we used material selections to create soothing texture and color. The Floor: When doing yoga you spend a lot of time looking at the floor. So we selected cork flooring in a soft taupe [...]

Connecting to the Water- According to LiLu

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Some of the best built environments are better because they connect with nature. Some people are desert people, some are mountain people and some are water people. The list is as endless and varied as the beauty in nature. This week LuAnne and I are privileged to be on the Big Island of Hawaii doing [...]

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself-According to LiLu Interiors

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By Lisa Peck, ASID The entry of your home presents a unique design opportunity of allowing you to introduce yourself! Do you remember when movies had long opening credits with graphics and theme music? This interlude allowed an audience member to start to shed the reality of their day to day existence and start to [...]

Ladies in Waiting: Peek at a Project

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  Take a peep at this space we designed for a client. The guest room adjacent to the master bedroom will serve as an extra closet space for the master as well as an entertaining space. We're calling it the Ladies in Waiting Room. It's decked out with all of the necessities: -Comfortable seating -A [...]

Maker Nation: A Rising Trend

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  Maker Nation: A Rising Trend Today on the blog we're giving you a peek at an upcoming trend centered around all things hand crafted and artisan made. We call it Maker Nation. Unique details done by hand create connection to the craft. Honest materials are used in new ways. A grounding color palette emphasizes [...]