Get the Goods for Your New Years Resolutions-Friday’s Look of the Day

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FRIDAY'S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY-UP-LEVEL YOUR HOME TO SUPPORT YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS On Wednesday blog we talked about how your home can support your New Year's Resolutions.  Read the blog here. If you loved the cozy living room where you can strengthen your connections with family and friends, we have put [...]

Live Intentionally-Eat, Sleep, Create -Look of the Day

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FRIDAY'S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Get inspired to Live Intentionally! The past ten years I have been on a journey to live with intention. On Wednesday's blog, I discussed some of the cornerstones I need to live my best life with intention. As a business owner, designer and volunteer, sometimes life can [...]

Live and Design with Intention

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by Lisa Peck, ASID At LiLu Interiors when we start a project we want to get to know you very well. Trusting someone you just met can be difficult. You must take a leap of faith. As interior designers we want to know how you really want to live. Not what you think is safe [...]

Wine Lover? How To Design A Wine Room, Bar or Closet Just Right For You-According to LiLu

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by Lisa Peck, ASID How to Design a Wine Room If you are a wine lover it's probably on your dream home list to have a wine room! And why wouldn't it be? Designing your hobbies and passions into your home is a key to having a home that supports your life and lets you [...]

Designing Your Travel Memories Into Your Home-According To LiLu Interiors-Pro Tips

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By Lisa Peck, ASID Traveling is inspiring. It opens our minds, hearts and eyes to a feast of new perspectives and new beauty. When you come home designing travel memories into you home can extend the inspiration. At LiLu Interiors, we love to help you keep the fabulous feeling inspired by travel going all year [...]

The Thread

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By Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID I have always loved the poem The Way It Is by William Stafford. I have a lovely letterpress print of the poem on my wall at home to remind me to hang on to my "thread." The thread refers to what makes you you; the threads that bind your [...]

Bringing Intention Home-Being THE place

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By Lisa Peck, ASID One of the things we focus on at LiLu Interiors is helping our clients have homes that support living the life they intend to live. The holidays are coming up and it reminds me of the many clients who come to our first meeting with the primary intention of having their [...]