Interior Designer Textiles-Sylvie and Mira-According to LiLu

SYLVIE AND MIRA-TEXTILES FOR INTERIORS Interior Designer Textiles-Sylvie and Mira When I was a college student studying interior design, I had a dream to one day design a textile line for interiors and that dream has been realized through my textile line Sylvie and Mira. It's especially dear to my heart because I [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Inspirational Books

LiLu's Holiday Gift Guide: Inspirational Books Today's Gift Guide is all about Inspirational Books the LiLu Staff has read over through the past years.  Click on the links and chose 2-day shipping or better yet if you have Amazon Prime.  Perfect last minute gifts and stocking stuffers! My Own Words: [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Ones

Today's Holiday Gift Guide has the little ones in mind.  Gifts for those Toddlers and Preschoolers whose brains are soaking it all in and they are learning at such a fast rate.  Gifts to keep up with them is a must.  From silly animal hats and gloves to help getting dressed for outside [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Decorations

Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Decorations Holiday Decorations are today's Holiday Gift Guide.  We love receiving and giving holiday decorations for one's home.  This is the type of gift that is perfect for a new homeowner, or a couple merging their households.  A wreath for their door can help the uniting of their belongings [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry with Intention

Jewelry with Intention is today's Holiday gift guide for those we love the most.  Some of our favorites are listed here and are on our gift list to buy for others such as The Locket Sisters. A MN company with the most inspirational story of how The Locket Sisters came to be.  Read [...]

Christmas Window Box Inspiration-Friday’s Look of the Day

FRIDAY'S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Christmas Window Box Inspiration This year I'm changing more evergreen for me. I have magnolia fever! Adding something new to the mix is giving me a renewed energy for thinking about decorating the house for Christmas. Because I'm a designer doing the same old, same old [...]

A Lovely Living Room

Lovely Living Room Schemes-Monday's Peek at a Project Peek at a Project-Options for Schemes One of the worries clients often express is how we will create a home that perfectly reflects who they are. The simple answer is we collaborate with our clients. In this example our client is redesigning her living room. [...]

Parisian Inspiration

MONDAY'S PEEK AT A PROJECT Ever taken a trip to Paris and lost yourself in its architecture and ambiance? Join LiLu this week on the blog for a virtual journey to Paris, France! Monday’s Peek at a Project is a quick look at a design inspired by the City of Lights. The main [...]

A Soft Place to Fall for Kids-According to LiLu Interiors

A Soft Place to Fall for Kids-According to LiLu Interiors Labor Day has passed and with it the care-free days of summer. Our kids have returned to school and my thoughts are on all the kids who started kindergarten, middle school, high school, their senior year. All the years start with great hope [...]