Look of the Day: 1920’s Bathroom Remodel

FRIDAY'S LILU LOOK OF THE DAY 1920's Bathroom Remodel These past two weeks we have given you a peek into a St. Paul Remodel where our client purchased her dream home.  With smart space planning and innovative thinking we have re-organized spaces to give her all the items on her design checklist. Lighting [...]

Pretty Practical Powder Room-Monday’s Peek at a Project

Pretty, Practical, Powder Room-Monday's Peek at a Project We often show large, sweeping project but within each one of those are many spaces! Each of these spaces is approached with the same care and detail as a whole home design. Recently, a client,  for whom we were doing a refresh in many rooms, [...]

Small Wonder

This is a dramatic before and after.  Before....horrible. After...same size but beautiful. The solution has the traditional detailing that belongs in this 1920's home but none of the poor choices and rot that age had brought.