Pretty Practical Powder Room-Monday’s Peek at a Project

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Pretty, Practical, Powder Room-Monday's Peek at a Project We often show large, sweeping project but within each one of those are many spaces! Each of these spaces is approached with the same care and detail as a whole home design. Recently, a client,  for whom we were doing a refresh in many rooms, [...]

Soothing Color Palettes- LiLu’s Look of the Day

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Soothing Color Palettes- LiLu's Look of the Day Check out some of LiLu's favorite colors for creating calm featured in these spaces designed by LiLu Interiors. Creating a calm, serene, soothing space in a bedroom, bathroom or living space is a goal for many home owners. Today we are sharing photos of some of serene [...]

A Home Tailored to You- According to LiLu

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If you are asked what you want from your home, how you intend to live there, you might answer, “ I want what most people want! To cook, eat, sleep and entertain family and friends at my home” Today, on the LiLu blog, we are asking you to think more deeply about this question. If [...]

Master Bath Amenities: Peek at a Bath Remodel

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Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? You've probably been dreaming about new countertops and cabinets. You've probably had your eye on some luxurious tile. But what about improving the function and creating an easier, more enjoyable morning routine with some hotel-like amenities? Check out this Monday's Peek at a Project where we take you [...]

Monday’s Peek at a Project–Visionary Vintage

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For nearly a decade, the owner of a traditional home in Northeast Minneapolis has added unique and rare finds to her one-of-a-kind collection. “There’s a very specific look I collect,” she explains. “Vintage glamour, with a little sparkle.” It’s her passion. And Her collection began with a rhinestone bracelet purchased at a garage sale. It [...]

Design Journey

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There is a great variety in the work we do as interior designers. The journey from taking an initial idea to the final result involves many steps and a variety of tasks. In designing this master bathroom remodel we started with the function and layout of the space, first sketching a new plan for the [...]

Exotic Beauty: Peek at a Master Bath

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Check out this design for a client's boring bathroom, soon to be a lovely, exotic escape.      

AIA Tour: Ohm Sweet Ohm Bathrooms

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By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID This week we are showcasing a special project that was featured on the AIA Tour.  A net zero home that incorporates sustainability, healthy home attributes and aging in place properties.  There are three bathrooms located in this home.  A powder bathroom, a master bathroom and guest bathroom with shower. [...]

The Joy of Cement Tile

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID I do not know if it is entirely possible to describe in words the way I feel about Popham Designs cement tiles. They have so many different designs, each lending a unique and different feeling to a space. And it's completely custom! (Read: Designers everywhere rejoice!) I've long been OVERCOME [...]

According to LiLu: Details Matter!

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Not all designers do construction drawings after the design process is done. We do! Because the details matter. We want to make sure everything is executed as you envision. Here's a look at some construction drawings for a powder bath. That's a lot of detail going into one tiny bathroom, but [...]