Hawaiian Inspired Color Palettes-According to LiLu

HAWAIIAN INSPIRED COLOR PALETTES A Visit to Hawaii Inspires Hawaiian Color Palettes Hawaiian inspired color palettes? Why did we ever come up with this idea? We recently completed the design for a new construction home on the Big Island of Hawaii. We were lucky enough to visit the Big Island a few times [...]

Modern Bar Cabinet Hardware: LiLu’s Shoppable Look of the Day

LILU'S SHOPPABLE LOOK OF THE DAY Modern Bar Cabinet Hardware is today's shoppable look of the day! We took a sneak peek into this modern, upscale bar design and one of the supporting design features is the modern bar cabinet hardware used on the cabinetry. Read the blog here.  Simple and Clean-lined are [...]

LiLu Interiors Peek at a Project: St. Paul Dream Home Remodel

Dream Home Remodel Last week we featured an upper level remodeling project for our client who wished to add a master ensuite to her St Paul home. For today’s peek at a project we are looking at the remodeling project we are designing for this same client on the main level. Dream Home Remodel [...]

LiLu Interiors Peek at a Project: St. Paul Dream Home Remodel

Dream Home Remodel We love working with clients at various stages of their lives and often have the pleasure of working with past clients again on current projects. We were excited to get the call from a past client (who we had previously helped customize her condo) letting us know her dream of owning [...]

LiLu’s Friday Look of the Day: Cavern Clay

Today's Look of the Day is all about CAVERN CLAY and how you can not only find interior items such as lamps and fixtures that incorporate this warm color and tone into your space, but how it is also apparent in fashion and beauty.  Shop with us by clicking on the images as we [...]

Thanksgiving Table Top Must Haves

Thanksgiving Table Top Must Haves is our Friday Look of the Day! Thanksgiving is a time where friends and families come together and gather around to enjoy a meal together.  We give gratitude and to count our blessings.  It is one of the best times of the year.  The focal part of the day is [...]