A Rejuvenating Bath -Practing Wellness at Home-2 Parts Design + 1 Part Habit

Practicing Wellness At Home

Creating ways to practice wellness at home is a trend that has more and more fans. A rejuvenating bath is top of my list for practicing wellness at home. When we think about wellness often top of mind is exercising and eating well. I have been expanding my wellness routine to include more soothing rituals. I highly recommend it.

Soothing Rituals

For real soothing rituals many of us head to the spa as a special treat, once a month, once a week, once a year and it just may not be enough to build the resilience needed to face our busy lives. As moms, businesspeople, volunteers and caregivers, most women play many roles that include giving to others. Instead of waiting until I’m completely depleted to schedule a visit to the spa, I like to practice at least one soothing wellness habit a day.

My soothing wellness habits include meditation, lavender hot packs, stretching yoga, trauma release exercises, knitting and a nice soak in the perfect bath. During the winter, a soak in a warm bath has multiple benefits. After a cold day in and out of my car warming up in a bath is definitely rejuvenating.

Of course, I believe there are two key elements to creating a soothing bath ritual. Creating a rejuvenating bath practice wellness at home habit is easy. First having a nice environment to bathe in and second the ingredients you use in the actual bath.

The Perfect Bathtub

The most important part of the environment for practicing wellness at home by taking a soothing bath is the bathtub itself. There are four basic kinds of tubs to consider. A soaker, a Japanese soaker, an air bubble tub and a water jet tub. No matter what type of tub you want, when you are designing a new bathroom by top tip is to try out the tub. Yes, that can seem a bit awkward but go to the plumbing showroom and climb on in! You won’t find your bath soothing if your tub hurts your back or you can’t stretch out your legs!

Once you have the perfect tub, consider the surrounding environment. The material and color palette of your bath is key to a soothing space and a truly relaxing bath.

Design the perfect bathroom and recipes for the perfect bath. Make your home a place of rejuvenation and relaxation. #bath #bathingrituals #bathingredients #bathroomdesign #bathroomcolors #interiordesign
How to create the perfect bathroom and recipes for relaxing baths to create wellness at home. #wellness #bathroom #bathroomdesign #bathrituals

The Perfect Color Palette

Light, dusty blues, greens, taupes, and creams have long been considered “spa colors” These colors are soothing because they don’t create too much contrast and aren’t visual challenging. The cooler colors are relaxing and feel connected to the sea.

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Another successful color strategy is deep color that is monochromatic. Soothing and lacking contrast. White on white, can be successful at creating a relaxing bathroom. White is associated with cleanliness and the simplicity is visually appealing.

Soothing color, soft lighting, the best bathtub, a guide to creating a rejuvenating, relaxing bathing ritual at home. No need to go to the spa to increase wellness. #bath #bathing #bathingredients #wellness #interiordesign

Mood Lighting for a Rejuvenating Bath

Flexible Lighting is also key to creating mood for a rejuvenating bath practice wellness at home experience. In the morning when you are applying makeup or shaving you want bright light for seeing well. However, when it comes time for a bath you might want low light and candles for the most soothing experience.

I advocate for using separated switching for vanity lighting, general lighting and ambient lighting in a bathroom. Of course, they should all be on dimmers, so you have complete flexibility. Leaving general lighting in a dim setting and ambient halfway on is ideal in my mind.

How to create the perfect atmosphere for a rejuvenating, relaxing bath ritual at home that will support your wellness. So important for busy moms and women. #wellness #bathritual #interiordesign #bathroom #japanesesoakingtub #bathroomdesign

Rejuvenating Bath Ingredients

A relaxing bath is rejuvenating in the best possible way. It can melt away your stress and allow you to sleep well. I love using essential oils and Epsom salts in my bath to create a healthy bath that supports my wellness.

One quick tip, you should use about a tablespoon of carrier oil, such as coconut or olive to add drops of essential oil to for you bath. I play around a bit with combinations 5 drops of lavender, 2 of frankincense etc. until I get the scent I like. Here are some graphics of the perfect combinations to relax aching muscles or just relax! Pin for easy reference. Creating a rejuvenating bath to practice wellness at home takes fewer ingredients than you might think.

How to create the perfect atmosphere and bath for a bathing ritual that will support your wellness at home. #bathroom #bath #bathritual #interiordesign #bathroomdesign #bathingredients
How to create the perfect atmosphere, color palette, lighting, and bath for supporting your wellness at home. #bathroomdesign #bathingredients #bathrituals #interiordesign #wellness

Bringing Intention Home

At LiLu Interiors, we love designing spaces that support our client’s lifestyles. It is our intention to find out your intentions. Maybe you want a rejuvenating bath and to practice wellness at home? Would you like to create a home that is a reflection of your style, interest and values in life?  Surround yourself with color that speaks to your soul? Whatever your intention is, we want to know. We are in the business of designing interiors and creating spaces for you to live out your dreams. Whatever your dream is, we will creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Give us a call, let’s bring your intentions home. 612-354-3271

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