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8 May 2009
Digital cutting has opened new possibilities in the use of decorative joinery. This table by Nathan Wierink is a fine example.
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7 May 2009
Mortise and Tenon is a basic joint but with a little creativity it can be beautiful. The dresser shown above is by Thomas Moser and shows the tenon in the top....
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6 May 2009
The dovetail joint is a common construction method found in drawers. Using it as a decorative element on a piece of furniture or in a bar as shown in the photo...
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5 May 2009
A butterfly joint is used to join wood in a decorative way. There is a local furniture maker who uses this technique that we think does interesting work. To see a video of...
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4 May 2009
Wood is a great inspiration when designing interiors. There are so many species that we are always finding new ways to use wood to celebrate the grain, color and sheer natural...
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1 May 2009
Using the embroidered fabric from the window treatment in this nursery as inspiration, bright colors and neutral tones create a stripe pattern on this wall. When combined with a solid neutral color on...
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30 April 2009
Remember “faux” painting techniques….paint can be used in interesting ways to add texture, bold color or pattern to walls. When the approach is subtle, elegant and classic the result will...
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29 April 2009
Changing the walls to a warm paint color highlighted the architectural features of this living room and created a welcoming space for family, friends and guests to enjoy.
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28 April 2009
This dining room is a great demonstration of what a difference just changing the paint color in a room can do. We chose a green that was a complimentary...
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27 April 2009
I think there is a cultural shift afoot that is resulting in people approaching things in a new way. One shift that I see that is exciting to me is the...
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25 April 2009
Lavender quiets internal dialogue, the perfect color for a bedroom and especially helpful for someone with insomnia. It’s soothing qualities would create a nice quiet sitting room or meditation space. It also inspires creativity…think studio...
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24 April 2009
Blue is a universally liked color. The peaceful nature of blue represents stability, appealing to our responsible, logical side. When used in a complementary color scheme blue provides a sense of quietness...
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23 April 2009
Green is nature’s neutral. Color affects us emotionally, physically, and behaviorally. With green we feel refreshed, balanced and quietly social, making it a good base for many different rooms.
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22 April 2009
Red and it’s cousins raspberry or peony are vibrant colors that show passion and create active social spaces. They also stimulate appetite. Be careful, too much of a strong...
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21 April 2009
Color doesn’t really qualify as a detail. It is a significant part of a room. Yellow is optimistic, cheerful and can help with clarity and recall. It stimulates appetite...
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20 April 2009
Here in the frozen north we are just now seeing the signs of spring. The grass is turning green and with spring comes a sense of renewal. I find myself looking...
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17 April 2009
Sometimes a canvas just doesn’t require a frame. This great piece by artist Nancy MacCallum can stand on it’s own especially in an interior that has a pared down...
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16 April 2009
Your art collection may include  family photos you want to frame. There are a few simple tips to make them great. Keep the frame and mat simple to allow...
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15 April 2009
When you have a  piece of art that is produced on a beautiful paper with a deckled edge you can show it off by floating it on a mat. Here we...
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14 April 2009
When a classic still life requires a frame, go for the classic. It is beautiful and timeless. Notice how the lighter gold at the inside of the frame draws...
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