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5 June 2009
This drawing was the start of  a unique island hood. After sharing the drawing with the cabinet maker and metal fabricator, final design decisions were made and dimension and...
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4 June 2009
The main area of this floor created from reclaimed brick pavers was laid in a herringbone pattern but creating a threshold and having it meet the material in the...
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3 June 2009
This carpet in a Master Suite was designed to create separate areas within the room but provide the comfort and spacious feeling that comes with wall to wall carpet....
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2 June 2009
We designed this cabinetry to have a contemporary look.  The concept for the home office in which this cabinetry resides was to be contemporary but warm and textured. From...
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1 June 2009
At LiLu Interiors we love working with various craftsmen who help the things we design become a beautiful, well crafted reality. There is a synergy that happens when a...
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29 May 2009
Lighting is a detail that can dramatically affect your experience of an environment. A well lit space can have a sense of drama, spaciousness, light, sparkle, romance…you name the...
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28 May 2009
When you spend time in a space your physical interaction with the surfaces affects how you feel in that environment. Think of all the surfaces that make up an interior: walls, floors,...
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27 May 2009
One of the details a good designer or architect will consider is what you experience as the termination of your view as you move through different spaces. What is your vista?...
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26 May 2009
By LuAnne Silvia The word “experience” comes up often at our weekly office meeting in our discussions about our design work and also regarding all aspects of our lives....
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22 May 2009
When you are looking for original art, consider framing your own children’s creations.  By framing a piece of their artwork you are documenting a legacy. We have a client who...
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21 May 2009
Giving this kudu a place to rest in an entry with a curved wall required just the right pedestal. The back is curved to hug the curved wall. There...
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20 May 2009
This art pedestal has clean lines and a simple design much like the modern art that sits atop. The pedestal was custom designed to echo the architectural surrounding it...
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19 May 2009
This simple art required a simple pedestal but it needed a little shape so the art is enhanced. The mass and form of the art is what draws the...
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18 May 2009
by Lisa Peck, ASID I attended Art-A-Whirl with my two young daughters this past weekend and was once again reminded what a wonderful art community surrounds us here in...
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15 May 2009
Rinato makes counter tops with recycled glass content. In person, these are a knock-out. Check out their website for more information and the inspiring color palettes offered.
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14 May 2009
As residential designers, we have the pleasure of seeing the latest and greatest of green design products. And believe me, new advances are occurring at a dizzying rate. Here...
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13 May 2009
Brentano continues to be one of our favorite fabric lines. Brentano offers a line of green fabrics that must meet two of three criteria: use of raw materials, a...
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12 May 2009
Paperstone counter tops are made from 100% post consumer recycled cardboard. Paperstone can be used virtually anywhere, from kitchen counters to window sills to door thresholds. LiLu is using...
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11 May 2009
The first time I heard about living green was 22 years ago. I remember it vividly; I was in the third grade and it was Earth Day. I raced...
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9 May 2009
The miter joint is a simple joint but can be used to create decorative, unusual or clean and simple furnishings.
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