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3 July 2009
Photographs are a great medium to display as artwork in your home.  Choose a subject that interests you: landscapes, architecture, vacation spots. Don’t forget to include professional portraits of...
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2 July 2009
When you think of photography as an art form there are certain artists that immediately come to mind for their critical acclaim: Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz. Here are...
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1 July 2009
When displaying photographs as artwork in your home consider the photograph subject and size for clues of where and how to display them. Portraits work best in hallways, bedrooms and...
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30 June 2009
We love incorporating photography into our interiors. Here is a sampling of local photographers work. Consider displaying some in your home. By Mark Kawell visit By Jim Brandenburg visit...
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29 June 2009
By LuAnne Silvia When you happen to come across something that sparks a different perspective, a fresh approach or a new way of thinking it can lead to your next great...
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26 June 2009
When selecting seating for a room we take into consideration a myriad of details. Proportion, mass, scale, seat height and depth, arm height, back height. We consider if the...
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25 June 2009
A comfortable chair is a thing of great value but chairs can also be beautiful, artistic elements in an interior. Modern or traditional, a sculptural chair will add emphasis in an...
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24 June 2009
When looking for the perfect chair don’t overlook vintage resources. A well built chair that can be reupholstered to become your own is a sustainable idea and often a great...
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23 June 2009
We are fortunate to have such a rich local art and design scene. Here are some chairs designed by designers from the Twin Cities. We are thrilled to be...
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22 June 2009
What should a home be if not comfortable. What makes a home comfortable? It is a combination of many things: light, color, smell, a great place to cook, a...
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19 June 2009
Ceilings are often the carrier of light sources. Indirect light, daylighting and cove lighting are great ways to provide light in a discreet way. Clerestory windows and skylights combine...
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18 June 2009
Applying fabric to a ceiling may seem like a fanciful idea but there are good aesthetic and functional reasons for using fabric above your head. Here are some photos...
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17 June 2009
Tray ceilings are an effective device to create height, define areas within a larger space, and bring diffuse light into a space. Here are some examples of how trays...
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16 June 2009
The intersection between wall and ceiling is a spot where details can make or break a space. Many traditional homes use crown or cove at this intersection. A crown...
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15 June 2009
One skill we learned about in design school that was particularly fascinating to me was the ability to think of a completed space in it’s three dimensional form. To be able...
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12 June 2009
This beautiful rug had the right pattern for our clients entry but not the right colors. We chose a chocolate brown background and two greens that simplified the pattern...
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11 June 2009
This large living room was dividing into two separate sitting areas, largely because of the size of the existing rugs. Our client had a hard time entertaining for their...
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10 June 2009
Combining silk with wool in a rug will enhance patterns in either a monochromatic rug or a two color rug by creating a sheen that reflects the light.
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9 June 2009
The structure of a rug, cut pile, loop pile or a combination, along with the denier of the yarns and a number of other factors will effect whether a...
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8 June 2009
Sometimes a rug is just a rug but sometimes a rug will capture a designers imagination the way Aladdin’s carpet may have captured your imagination when you first read...
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