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31 July 2009
by Lisa Peck I love the simple forms of new and old pieces from the Italian design consortium Sawaya & Moroni. See more at Sawaya & Moroni.
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30 July 2009
by Lisa Peck Also at the ICFF this spring was this up and coming furniture designer, Talitha James. I loved her desk and also enjoyed the  process sketches and...
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29 July 2009
By Lisa Peck Misewell, whose furnishings appeared at the ICFF show this spring does a beautiful job with combining natural and industrial materials in simple designs. Stretch coat rack...
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28 July 2009
By Lisa Peck In keeping with our inspiration about good design appearing effortless, I am going to feature furniture design this week that has details so clean, lines so...
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27 July 2009
by Lisa Peck I love to read about the creative process. I often read about how others…writers, scientists, dancers, photographers, architects approach their work and what inspires them. How...
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24 July 2009
By Lisa Peck, ASID When looking for inspiration from the past there are many local places to visit to see textiles, sculpture, and other artifacts that you can use...
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23 July 2009
by Lisa Peck, ASID Scandinavia is a rich resource for patterns in textiles and painted ornanment. The needlework and patterns of Scandinavia can be seen in these current products....
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22 July 2009
By Lisa Peck Many of us are so familiar with patterns drawn from traditional Indian fabrics and architecture that we may not even realize the origins of paisley and...
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21 July 2009
By Lisa Peck, ASID Traditional fabrics from all over the world are influencing interiors design. Africa is one area that is rich in traditional patterns and methods that can...
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20 July 2009
By Lisa Peck, ASID Many designers of products and interiors draw inspiration from the past. The traditional patterns of kimonos are reinterpreted as fabrics or rugs. Traditional rug patterns...
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17 July 2009
Growing up, writing on the walls was a big no-no. Especially since we didn’t even have washable markers back then. Fortunately for kids (and their parents) time and technology...
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16 July 2009
Child-scaled furniture isn’t just adorable. It can make your little one feel important, and better yet, comfortable. (Imagine if every chair you had to sit on was 10X your...
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15 July 2009
By Emily Anderson, ASID Not surprisingly, our kids health and safety is number one on the priority list. When designing interiors, it is crucial to keep our kids’ well-being...
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14 July 2009
Like kids adore their comic book heroes, parents will love these super fabrics for their amazing powers and head-turning looks: Commercial fabrics in general are a great choice for...
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13 July 2009
by Emily Anderson LiLu knows kids! In fact as mothers ourselves, we understand first-hand what a busy family life looks and feels like. (Gotten a good night sleep lately?)...
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10 July 2009
Umbrellas, pergolas, awnings are all great ways to create a sense of a room outdoors and provide a comfortable, shaded space. Brown Jordan Giati Furniture
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9 July 2009
One of the things we are having fun with is outdoor trims…they are fun to use outdoors or in cabanas and pool houses but also wonderful to use inside...
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8 July 2009
Outdoor fabrics have come a long way in the past few years. There is still room for the classic cabana stripes and nautical themes but you might consider shaking...
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7 July 2009
When designing outdoor spaces don’t discount the idea of comfortable, aethetically pleasing furniture. There are many fabulous furniture companies doing anything but ho-hum furniture for your exterior! Giati Furniture...
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6 July 2009
by Lisa Peck, ASID Every new season brings a different energy, new activities and a different way of entertaining. This spring we were busy helping people with the vision...
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