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7 October 2009
By Lisa Peck By Ironies By Ironies By Berman Rosetti From Marie Claire Maison By Atom Designs
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6 October 2009
by Lisa Peck As evidence of the reemergence of ceruse finishes periodically since the 18th century. Here are some examples of vintage or antique pieces with a ceruse finish....
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5 October 2009
by Lisa Peck Ceruse finishes have been used historically on everything from wood to skin. Women in the Elizabethan era used ceruse to whiten skin as did the women...
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1 October 2009
by Lisa Peck This home office was part of a larger kitchen remodel. Off the kitchen but connected by a pass-through this office has a place for everything and...
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30 September 2009
By Lisa Peck As part of a larger kitchen remodel, we designed this kitchen desk area for a busy household. The mom in this house rarely has a chance to...
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29 September 2009
By Lisa Peck In many older homes the front entry has to work harder because there is no mudroom at the back of the house. This front entry was...
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28 September 2009
By Lisa Peck Now that the kids are back in school and fall is on the near horizon the rhythm of life is changing. Old routines are being renewed...
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24 September 2009
By Lisa Peck A long time client asked us as part of a larger project to redesign this fireplace surround to help it fit inwith the architecture of the home....
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23 September 2009
by Lisa Peck I visited 9 of the houses on the tour and every one had many noteworthy details…I couldn’t photograph many but here is a detail  from a...
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22 September 2009
By Lisa Peck On the tour every home had something I admired but I took a couple of photos to share (after I asked permission). The photos are snap...
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21 September 2009
By Lisa Peck Much like the grand tour of old, our local Homes by Architects tour can broaden your horizons. Maybe it’s not Europe or Asia but for $30...
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17 September 2009
by Lisa Peck To go in your wine room consider the following bar tables and stools.
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16 September 2009
By Lisa Peck We worked with a stained glass artist from J & T Art Glass to create custom windows that had a stained glass motif but didn’t obscure...
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15 September 2009
by Lisa Peck The flashed brick pavers in a herringbone pattern add a feeling of age and grounding texture to the wine room
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14 September 2009
by Lisa Peck We recently completed the design of this wine and tasting room. Just a quick trip down the spiral staircase from the kitchen above you will find this beautifully...
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11 September 2009
by Lisa Peck In keeping with the getting out and getting inspired theme this week. Here are two more events that can’t help but either inspire creativity or the...
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10 September 2009
By Lisa Peck If you can’t make it out to a local home tour consider taking a virtual tour for inspiration. Take a look at the following blogs or...
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9 September 2009
by Lisa Peck A home tour can be a fun, inspiring experience or it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips, some obvious,  to help make your tour experience...
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8 September 2009
by Lisa Peck Well maybe not wars, but I hope I don’t have to choose only one. Last September the event that lead me to start this blog was...
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4 September 2009
Yesterday we had the first client meeting in our new IMS studio. Our client wasn’t in the door more than five minutes before declaring, “This space has such great...
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