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16 April 2010
By LuAnne Silvia, ASID Who she is: Principal and Creative Director of Lori Weitzner Design Inc. Why she inspires us: She is an innovator and has a hand in...
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15 April 2010
By LuAnne Silvia, ASID Who she is: Iris Wang, Design Director of Brentano fabrics Why she inspires us:  We had the pleasure of meeting Iris and found her to be smart,...
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14 April 2010
By LuAnne Silvia, ASID Who she is: Carolyn Ray, President and Creative Director of Carolyn Ray Inc. Why she inspires us: She is all about harmony. Harmony with the...
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13 April 2010
By LuAnne Silvia, ASID Who she is: Kristie Strasen, founder of Place Textiles Why she inspires us: She has a passion for what she does, knows her way around...
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12 April 2010
By LuAnne Silvia, ASID Our firm had the pleasure of hearing two of the women designers share their inspiration that are currently featured in the exhibit “17 Swedish Designers” at...
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5 April 2010
by Lisa Peck, ASID The seasons have turned. Giddy thoughts of being outside have turned to the reality of walking, riding and playing outside! (maybe some raking too!) The...
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2 April 2010
My brother and I discussing our new home. It was 1989 and I was three years old when my first house was being built. Although I don’t actually remember...
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1 April 2010
To a second grader the house below was anything but exciting.  It was an orange house that had been abandoned for 4 years.  The yard, which consisted of 10 acres,...
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31 March 2010
The lecture topic presented by Dr. Toby Israel environmental psychologist and author of  “Some Place Like Home: Using Design Psychology to Create Ideal Places” got me thinking. What influences,...
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30 March 2010
My parents purchased this 1905 two-story in a small town in southern Minnesota when I was just 7 years old. I lived here until I went to college and...
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29 March 2010
By LuAnne Silvia Last year I heard a speaker at International Market Square who discussed her book which I found to be a very interesting topic. The event was centered...
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26 March 2010
By Emily Anderson LiLu loves working with Rochford Upholstery. We have been working with the owner, Karen Nelson for decades. Their workroom, across from International Market Square is always filled with delightful...
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25 March 2010
By Emily Anderson Visting Rainville Carlson is always a treat. Their warehouse is like a candy store for metal lovers. Rainville works on projects from commercial roofing to public...
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24 March 2010
By Emily Anderson This week we’re giving you a behind the scenes peek at some of the cool places LiLu gets to go. As designers, we work closely with...
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23 March 2010
By Emily Anderson When LiLu needs custom window treatments made, we often turn to Drapes, Etc. They create completely custom window treatments and bedding, often working off of photos...
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22 March 2010
By Emily Anderson I’ve been in the design industry for over six years. Lisa has over twenty-five years experience and LuAnne has over fifteen. One of the many parts...
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19 March 2010
By LuAnne Silvia At LiLu Interiors a large portion of how we work is time spent collaborating with each other, our clients, other design team members like architects, and...
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18 March 2010
By LuAnne Silvia A recent renovation of a church presented an opportunity for collaboration among the members of the design team on the project. The grid pattern of the...
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17 March 2010
By LuAnne Silvia Every project we work on begins with an idea. It starts with the client, the home owner. Something inspired them to remodel their current home or...
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16 March 2010
By LuAnne Silvia LiLu Interiors, We are different by design. What does that mean? We take a collaborative team approach right from the beginning, starting in our studio. At...
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