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24 June 2010
By Emily Anderson We’ve written previous blogs on our favorite color. Some call it teal, some call it turquoise, we lovingly call it, “LiLu Blue”. You just watch, some...
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23 June 2010
By Emily Anderson The Grand Hotel is the apple of Mackinac Island’s eye. And it is stunning. Built in 1887 out of white pine, Michigan’s state tree, the hotel...
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22 June 2010
By Emily Anderson Just getting to Mackinac Island is inspiring. Travelers take a ferry from the mainland Michigan cities of St Ignace or Mackinac City. The views of Mackinac...
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21 June 2010
By Emily Anderson My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. What an amazing place. If you have limited time, this...
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18 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia To sum up the week of discussing the Blue Zone principles and Power 9 Habits…I love the concept behind designing your home to support your life...
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17 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia This week I have been sharing inspiring highlights of the ASID Showcase Home owned by Dan Buettner and discussing his Blue Zone principles for living a longer...
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16 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia At LiLu Interiors we have always believed in the importance of designing homes that support our clients lives. What does this mean? We consider clients hobbies...
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15 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia Two of the Blue Zone principles (see yesterday’s entry) that Dan Buettner has identified as lengthening your life are to move naturally and downshift. They may in fact...
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14 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia I felt an immediate sense of peaceful uplifting energy as I stepped onto the front porch. There were plenty of people milling about through the home on the last day of...
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11 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeffrey Zeldman “Good design is a lot like clear thinking made...
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10 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia LiLu Interiors can’t make your life slow down. But we can entice you to spend more of it around the house. We understand the fundamentals behind...
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9 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia The truth is sometimes we do! But the point is we are there, on site to ensure the details of your project get implemented as designed....
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8 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia At LiLu Interiors we do not have a signature style. Every client has their own story to live and we  deliver solutions that are as unique as...
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7 June 2010
By LuAnne Silvia This week we thought we would share insight behind the philosophies that LiLu Interiors was founded on. Who we are, what we do, how we work....
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5 June 2010
By Lisa Peck Wow! Local sources! What a great idea…lot’s of us are trying to eat local, support local businesses etc. But when it comes to building a home...
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4 June 2010
By Lisa Peck, ASID Saving water is a great thing! We encourage people to turn off the tap while brushing…as interior designers there are many ways we can help...
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3 June 2010
By Lisa Peck As we design homes for our clients we select and specify finishes, furniture, lighting and appliances. There are ways to make these selections that will help...
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2 June 2010
By Lisa Peck, ASID Indoor air quality…what does this mean? The air we breath in our homes can be harmful to our health. It can contain volatile organic compounds...
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1 June 2010
By Lisa Peck, ASID At LiLu we are constantly striving to update our education in all matters related to interior design. LuAnne Silvia and I recently completed a course...
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28 May 2010
By LuAnne Silvia, ASID To say Candice Simpson is a faux finisher is a little misleading, she is a master of transforming space through a variety of wall finishes,...
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