By LuAnne Silvia, ASID

I spent Labor Day at our Great Minnesota Get Together this year. The heat wave broke and the cooler weather invited a large crowd to the State Fair setting a record breaking attendance for Labor Day. I was completely captivated by a new exhibit (or an experience is more accurate) EXXOPOLIS! It was located in the quieter section of the fair by the Northeast entrance. Once you stepped into this inflated plastic walk-through sculpture of winding paths you were transported into another dimension! It was an overwhelming sensory experience, not a small task to achieve at the Fair know for it’s overloading visual stimulation and heightened smells. What a fantastic contrast to the crowded streets by the Grandstand Ramp.

We waited until mid-afternoon when the sun came out and were so thankful we did. The more sun, the more natural light, and the more light shining through