Hawaiian Inspired Color Palettes-According to LiLu

HAWAIIAN INSPIRED COLOR PALETTES A Visit to Hawaii Inspires Hawaiian Color Palettes Hawaiian inspired color palettes? Why did we ever come up with this idea? We recently completed the design for a new construction home on the Big Island of Hawaii. We were lucky enough to visit the Big Island a few times [...]

Connecting to the Water- According to LiLu

Some of the best built environments are better because they connect with nature. Some people are desert people, some are mountain people and some are water people. The list is as endless and varied as the beauty in nature. This week LuAnne and I are privileged to be on the Big Island of Hawaii doing [...]

Peek at a Kids’ Study Space

What do you do when you have an average sized room that needs to function for quadruple duty? Today's blog features space plans to solve that very problem! A family of four needed our help to figure out how to cram multiple functions into one multi-purpose room. We had lots of ideas! Check out our [...]

Summer Reading!

  Got some extra time on your hands this summer? Need to make some time to relax? There’s nothing like taking quiet time to read outdoors in sweet summer. Now that you've got plans for creating the perfect outdoor reading space, (see Wednesday's blog) you might need a recommendation for something to read. Here is [...]

Exotic Touches for Your Home – Fridays Look of the Day

Today is all about those exotic touches you can do for your home where it will feel like you are on vacation each day.  This week we have been covering staycations and how to incorporate little touches into your home that you experience when you are traveling. Simple things can be to have a fresh [...]

Garden Party Space Plan- Peek at a Project

by Ally Evander, Allied ASID Have you ever wanted to host a really great party in your outdoor space? All you have to do is make a plan! We recently worked with a client on her outdoor space in conjunction with landscape architects Southview Design. Our client wanted a space that was comfortable for family dinners [...]