3 Bathroom Looks

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Trying to figure out what your bathroom style is? Bathrooms can be pulled together with a concept and a few key pieces. Let's say you wanted a bathroom that looks beachy. Start with sea glass greens or blues, add in some woven textures, maybe something with an iridescent [...]

Geode Inspiration-Look of the Day

A geode is a round rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals.  They offer much inspiration and beauty to the world of interiors.  Today's look of the day is all about geodes and how they can have made their way into furniture, lighting, accessories and wallcoverings.  We love to use a mix [...]

Chair Reupholstery BEFORE & AFTER

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Here at LiLu Interiors, we are big proponents of reupholstering good quality furniture, rather than purchasing new furniture on a budget. They don't always make them like they used to! Have you been given furniture that isn't really your style? And were you tempted to donate it out [...]

Wildflowers-Look of the Day

Wildflowers.  To me, they are so dreamy.  The fields of flowers as you drive by or stop to have a picnic are my idea of a perfect moment of time.  The colors they portray, the random mix of wild growth even though it doesn't feel random but rather perfectly planned.  I could sit in [...]

Custom Cabinetry LiLu’s Look of the Day

Custom Cabinetry is the look of the day and I have to tell you (as yes, I am tooting LiLu's own horn) we are quite talented over here! As I was rounding up images and drawings for this post on custom cabinetry I couldn't help but be more proud of the work that we do.  [...]

Hawaiian Inspired Color Palettes-According to LiLu

HAWAIIAN INSPIRED COLOR PALETTES A Visit to Hawaii Inspires Hawaiian Color Palettes Hawaiian inspired color palettes? Why did we ever come up with this idea? We recently completed the design for a new construction home on the Big Island of Hawaii. We were lucky enough to visit the Big Island a few times [...]

Connecting to the Water- According to LiLu

Some of the best built environments are better because they connect with nature. Some people are desert people, some are mountain people and some are water people. The list is as endless and varied as the beauty in nature. This week LuAnne and I are privileged to be on the Big Island of Hawaii doing [...]