One-of-a-Kind Design for Twin Brothers: Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT We LOVE this project! Why? Because we are working with some of our very favorite clients. These two clients love design, are a pleasure to work with and oh yes, they are 9 years old! We've been designing bedrooms for twin brothers who are as different as can be! [...]

Master Bedroom Revamp – Peek at a Project

Revamp Master Bedroom Revamp is our Peek at a Project.  Earlier we talked about this clients' guest bedroom/den and how the room had many functions to serve.  You can read about it here. In addition to the clients wanting a new guest bedroom they wanted to create a new master bedroom for them.  They [...]

The Intention Room: Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT Our most recent project found us designing tranquil spaces for a client with an active social life and busy travel schedule. For our client who is always on-the-go, it was at the top of her priority list to have her bedroom feel like a boutique hotel that would welcome [...]

Guest Bedroom/Den Update – Peek at a Project

The room of many functions This Guest Bedroom/Den has many functions for our clients in their downtown urban condominium.  Its' first function is a den.  It serves as another sitting area to watch television, read a book or just get away while the other may be catching up on their favorite television show.  It [...]

Downsize Downtown – Peek at a Project

Business of Downsizing Downsize Downtown is today's Peek at a Project.  LiLu is in the business of helping clients navigate various stages of their lives and a recent project has us designing a space for a client moving from a larger home into a smaller condo. The design process starts with thinking about what [...]

Dated Living Room Update- Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT As part of a multiple room redesign, LiLu Interiors got to re-imagine this dated-looking living space into a casually elegant and inviting room. Here's a look at how we built the room design piece by piece. First we started with space planning. After showing the clients several options, they [...]

Fireplace Facelift- Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT As part of a whole room redo, LiLu Interiors got to redesign this dated-looking fireplace. Here's a look at how we helped our clients solve the problem of a somewhat unsightly fireplace with a custom solution designed just for them. (We'll show you the rest of the room later, [...]

Jewlery Box Dining Room- Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT Our client wanted us to re-imagine this dining room as a "jewelry box." We wanted the room to be simple and uncluttered, so we cleaned up the furniture and space plan. We used layers of detail created by finishes to round out the jewel like feeling. Built Ins: The [...]

Why Does No One Use This Room??? Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT Why does no one use this room??? That was the question. Some of the best lake views anywhere on Lake Minnetonka and yet no one was taking advantage! We identified the problems that made the room not-so-appealing. PROBLEM: HEAVY wood blinds that blocked the view. The [...]