One-of-a-Kind Design for Twin Brothers: Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT We LOVE this project! Why? Because we are working with some of our very favorite clients. These two clients love design, are a pleasure to work with and oh yes, they are 9 years old! We've been designing bedrooms for twin brothers who are as different as can be! [...]

Master Bedroom Revamp – Peek at a Project

Revamp Master Bedroom Revamp is our Peek at a Project.  Earlier we talked about this clients' guest bedroom/den and how the room had many functions to serve.  You can read about it here. In addition to the clients wanting a new guest bedroom they wanted to create a new master bedroom for them.  They [...]

The Intention Room: Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT Our most recent project found us designing tranquil spaces for a client with an active social life and busy travel schedule. For our client who is always on-the-go, it was at the top of her priority list to have her bedroom feel like a boutique hotel that would welcome [...]

Guest Bedroom/Den Update – Peek at a Project

The room of many functions This Guest Bedroom/Den has many functions for our clients in their downtown urban condominium.  Its' first function is a den.  It serves as another sitting area to watch television, read a book or just get away while the other may be catching up on their favorite television show.  It [...]

Sofas, Loveseats, and Chairs – Oh My! Peek at a Project

Sofas, Loveseats, and Chairs - Oh My! Today's Peek at a Project is a Peek at our Process... We are designing a living room space for our client and now that we have established their goals for the space (invites conversation, comfortable for homeowner/supports their back, provide lounging space to read and watch television [...]

Downsize Downtown – Peek at a Project

Business of Downsizing Downsize Downtown is today's Peek at a Project.  LiLu is in the business of helping clients navigate various stages of their lives and a recent project has us designing a space for a client moving from a larger home into a smaller condo. The design process starts with thinking about what [...]

Dated Living Room Update- Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT As part of a multiple room redesign, LiLu Interiors got to re-imagine this dated-looking living space into a casually elegant and inviting room. Here's a look at how we built the room design piece by piece. First we started with space planning. After showing the clients several options, they [...]