Fun, Stylish Bedding – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Fun, Stylish Bedding is LiLu's Look of the Day!  Luxurious, Full bedding is one thing I just absolutely love.  This week has been all about bedroom design from the design process of two twin boys to our Healthy Home edition of Organic Mattresses and Bedding.  Today we show you some fun bedding looks for [...]

3 Bathroom Looks

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Trying to figure out what your bathroom style is? Bathrooms can be pulled together with a concept and a few key pieces. Let's say you wanted a bathroom that looks beachy. Start with sea glass greens or blues, add in some woven textures, maybe something with an iridescent [...]

Old-Fashioned Ice Box Inspiration

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Get the Look! Today's Look of the Day is inspired by a recently completed project in which we designed kitchen cabinetry to look like an old-fashioned ice box. (In case you missed it: catch up by reading this blog post ) If you were loving the vibes of that [...]

Wildflowers-Look of the Day

Wildflowers.  To me, they are so dreamy.  The fields of flowers as you drive by or stop to have a picnic are my idea of a perfect moment of time.  The colors they portray, the random mix of wild growth even though it doesn't feel random but rather perfectly planned.  I could sit in [...]

Stylish Food Containers – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Stylish Food Containers are today's LiLu Look of the Day.  This month's Healthy Home Edition was about safe food storage and so today we thought we show you other options for storing items such as flour, sugars and more.  We rounded up some great stylish food containers from places like West Elm, Anthropologie, and [...]

Green as Neutral – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Green as Neutral is our LiLu Look of the Day.  Earlier this week, we wrote about I'm done with gray and beige!  Using green as a neutral.  Read it here. Is Green the new Gray? Green is a beautiful color with so many different tones and shades.  Having this as a neutral is a [...]

Jewelry of Interiors – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Jewelry of Interiors is our LiLu Look of the Day.  We have say and look to fashion for inspiration in the world of Interior Design.  These pieces we have found here are jewelry inspired pieces that add that extra special layer to your custom home.   Take a look at these jewelry inspired interior pieces [...]

Sustainable Home: Look of the Day

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY This week on the blog, we've been talking about how we incorporate Green and Sustainable design elements into our work and how you can incorporate it into your home too! The Look of the Day features items you can put in your home to get that "Green" look. [...]

Tactile Beauties!: A Round Up of Textural Design Elements

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Textural design elements! Did you see Wednesday's post about Ceramicist Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio? We are so inspired by her textural forms. Bringing texture into a space adds life in a different way than color. It's almost always a good idea to mix a little (or [...]

Show Stopping Tile-LiLu’s Look of the Day

LILU'S LOOK OF THE DAY Stone, Mosaic, Glass and Metals Show Stopping Tiles is today's Look of the Day!  Earlier this week we had the kickoff sneak peek to a 4 week series of a Charming Lake Home we collaborated on with SALA Architects.  We showed you the powder bathroom that is just [...]