Billiard Room – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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We designed this specialty space for a client to comfortably host guests for a billiard game or poker night in their own home. A traditional man cave type space complete with a special air filtration system so guests can feel free to enjoy a cigar. The custom designed pool table is an updated traditional look to [...]

Five-Star Finish – Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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Our client wanted her master bath to feel like a five-star hotel. So we included several up-scale details and custom amenities in their design. All of these thoughtful adaptations can be stored out of site to keep the space free from clutter. And each one helped make her dream of a luxurious master bath a [...]

Designing Family Traditions into Your Home – According to LiLu

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Designing family traditions into your home starts with creating spaces for making memories. The design of your home can support all that you value, so that you can live in your values. What family traditions do you enjoy? Family game night, cooking together? When designing a home, your home, think of the family traditions you [...]

Designing a Library Loft – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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Designing a library loft space - "Yes! What a fun idea!" was our enthusiastic response when our client shared his desire to create a unique space for him and his children to read together. Let's take advantage of the height of the ceiling, and incorporate the round window and transform an underutilized formal living room [...]

Designing a Bachelor Pad Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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Designing a bachelor pad - so many possibilities! LiLu Interiors has had the pleasure of collaborating with many bachelor clients over the years to design the perfect bachelor pad just for them. As with every design project our thorough intake process shapes the direction that we will travel with our client to discover their unique [...]

My Bachelorette Pad~ Peek at a Project

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My Bachelorette Pad~ Peek at Project By Ally Evander, Bachelorette In my early twenties, I was lucky enough to live with two of my best gal pals for several care-free years. The times were good! The laughs were plentiful. But, as everyone knows, all good things come to an end. Both friends eventually got engaged. [...]

Bar Cabinet Design Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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This bar cabinet design is a free-standing furniture piece LiLu custom designed to feel right at home in our client's living room of their open space plan condominium. LiLu custom designed the bar cabinet to fit perfectly in the room and provide needed storage. LiLu specified the wood finish and selected a handcrafted unique wall [...]

Peek at a Window Treatment

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Take a peek at a custom window treatment we designed for a LiLu client. She needed privacy in her condo, but still wanted to be able to enjoy the view. These versatile window treatments have 3 tiers. So our client has options: keep everything closed for maximum privacy, or [...]

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Functional Laundry Room

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Our tips for designing a beautiful and functional laundry room start with finding out all about you. For our client with a busy family it all started with location. We thoughtfully converted a former home office space located on the second floor into this multi-purpose laundry room adjacent to the bedrooms. Having a laundry room [...]

Favorite Outdoor Umbrella Company Treasure Garden – Friday’s Look of the Day

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Our favorite outdoor umbrella company? Treasure Garden! Friday's Look of the Day features their beautifully crafted outdoor umbrellas. They are a designer's favorite because of the endless custom capabilities to create your own unique look by choosing your own pattern and colors. Take a look...