Secret Garden-According to a LiLu Client

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With grown kids living in Seattle, New York City and the Twin Cities, Christy and her husband Matt envisioned their condo in downtown Minneapolis as a place for the entire family to get together. It was centrally located city living offered lots to do for their two grandkids. And yet the couple saw retirement [...]

Secret Garden Condo-Monday’s Peek at a Project

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MONDAY'S PEEK AT A PROJECT Christy and Matt have been traveling the world for years. They’ve accumulated unique artifacts during their many adventures abroad. While in France, they picked up a love of Monet’s Garden. They’re collection of keepsakes grew to include an extensive art collection of their own and an eclectic array [...]

The Story Behind Condo Maximum-According to LiLu Clients

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Susie admits that their wish list for a downtown condo was extremely specific. And she concedes that their unwillingness to compromise led to a search that stretched on for 1-1/2 years. But in the end, they found a place that met their criteria even if it didn’t reflect their design taste. What ultimately sold them [...]

The Story Behind Blissful Master Bath – According to LiLu

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Angi and her husband moved into their home in the North Metro with every intention of remodeling it from top to bottom. And five years ago, they did just that—almost. But before Angi could tackle the master bath kids entered the scene and the remodeling was placed on hold. Like any new parent, Angi was [...]

The Story Behind Culinary Delight—According to LiLu

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For homeowner Heidi and her husband Mike, LiLu Interiors is as much a part of their house buying decisions as any real estate agent. Since 2001, the couple and Design Team have collaborated on kitchen projects in three different homes. The most recent is a remodel of the kitchen in their charming 1930s St. Paul [...]

Designing the Perfect Bachelorette Pad~ According to LiLu

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Designing the Perfect Bachelorette Pad~ According to LiLu By Ally Evander, Bachelorette This week’s blog is all about designing the perfect Bachelorette Pad! Everybody needs good design in their life including (and maybe even more so) all the single ladies. It’s easy to fall victim to the notion that being single is a temporary stage [...]

Light and Bright Feels Just Right—Friday’s Look of the Day

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 Joan epitomizes the moniker, “hostess with the mostest”. Imagine a home where you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in the front door. And then you hope the moment never comes when you have to leave. Friends, family and even visiting authors and opera artists have been the recipients of Joan’s lavish hospitality. Maintaining [...]

The Story Behind Timeless Treasure—According to LiLu

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When Joan and John first moved into their architecturally designed home in Minneapolis, they had young children. Much of the interior was geared toward supporting a warm, welcoming space to raise a family. Colors and patterns were chosen to offer a fun vibe, while hiding wear and tear as much as possible. That was 20 [...]

Quiet Comfort- Friday’s Look of the Day

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by the LiLu Design Team     LiLu Interiors is an interior design firm in Minneapolis, MN focusing on supporting our clients' intentions for their lives and designing homes that help people live their best lives. Quiet comfort for family life is what these clients desired for this new construction home in Stillwater, MN.