Beautiful and Functional Solutions for Living Room Storage

Designing beautiful and functional solutions for living room storage is a much more common request today than it was in the past. Today people want to use their living rooms.  They want to live in their living rooms, which includes all kinds of activities, which means lots of stuff. Stuff you don’t necessarily want to see when you are not using it. Yoga mats and blocks, children’s toys, even televisions are a few examples of things people want to use in their living rooms but not necessarily see.

Today’s Living Room – Intentional Living

Living rooms that remain untouched and always look beautiful are becoming a thing of the past for many reasons. For one, people entertain more casually today. Along with that thought, people live more casually and are more interested in using all of their spaces for daily living and not just when they are entertaining. Today people are also living more intentionally, and realize that with thoughtful planning functional solutions can be a part of their interior design.

Peek at a Living Room Solution 

Today’s peek at a project is a perfect example of designing beautiful and functional solutions for living room storage. Our clients recently bought a home and needed help combining their existing furnishings with new. They also needed help deciding how everything would fit into their new home. They have young children and wanted to spend time together as a family. They wanted a living room where their kids could play, that encouraged conversation, provided a comfortable place to watch television and entertain family and friends. With their multi-functional list of intentions, our goal was to design a space that would feel equally comfortable for adults and children. A space that is both beautiful and functional. Imaginative play for young children comes with lots of stuff. Now we had our main objective: We needed beautiful and functional solutions for living room toy storage.

The Before Photo

Their current desk didn’t provide any storage solutions for toys that needed a convenient home

beautiful-and functional-living-room-storage-solution-before-Minneapolis-interior-designer

Storage Solution Options

After we talked about our clients intentions and identified what activities our clients wanted to do in the living room, we looked at options. We decided a furniture cabinet would work best. A storage cabinet would provide convenient access for children’s toys, the main objective. We put together two mood boards with combinations that reflected their style.


Solution: Option A

Living room storage solution, loved by adults and kids alike. Our clients loved the sophisticated grain pattern of the wood and the fun blue color.  The inside of the cabinet has adjustable shelves and lots of room to store toys. The doors were easy for kids to operate and the cabinet was easy for kids to access. It is a beautiful living room cabinet that provides a much needed storage solution.


The After Photo

Now with beautiful and functional solutions for living room storage our clients are enjoying their space for daily life and not just when they are entertaining. With thoughtful planning, functional solutions can support your lifestyle intentions. Read on to discover how thoughtful planning resulted in functional yet stylish storage solutions for a college dorm room


Bringing Intention Home

At LiLu Interiors, we love designing spaces that support our client’s lifestyles. It is our intention to find out your intentions. Would you like to create a home that is a reflection of your style, interest and values in life?  Surround yourself with color that speaks to your soul? Whatever your intention is, we want to know. We are in the business of designing interiors and creating spaces for you to live out your dreams. Whatever your dream is, we will creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Give us a call, let’s bring your intentions home