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Designing the Perfect Bachelorette Pad~ According to LiLu

By Ally Evander, Bachelorette

This week’s blog is all about designing the perfect Bachelorette Pad! Everybody needs good design in their life including (and maybe even more so) all the single ladies. It’s easy to fall victim to the notion that being single is a temporary stage of life, to get through and past as quickly as possible. Although it may be a temporary phase of life I simply must suggest that rather than getting through it, you get all up in it and live it up! How, you ask? In my (extremely biased) opinion, design is the answer! Feather your nest! Celebrate the life you have now. You should be living the life you want everyday rather than waiting for a future where the time will be “right” to invest in design. Do it now! Do it for you!

I’m pretty passionate about this subject. I’ve found in my own life how much design can positively affect one’s daily experience. (More on that later.) And I’m not the only one. LiLu Interiors has worked with many single people to create their own personal form of sanctuary. Check out what LiLu client Alison, a hardworking doctor and bachelorette, had to say after completing her design project:

“I can’t tell you how positively the work you did at my current condo has impacted my enjoyment of my home. It’s such a warm, lovely space that is my little daily retreat.” ~Alison

It practically brings tears to my eyes! We should all have a piece of the design dream. So where do you start? Every design journey should be individualized for you, so I can’t tell you what the first step is. But I can share my design journey with you…. tomorrow on the blog.

Here is Alison’s Story:

Bachelorette Pad Design Condo

Bachelorette Pad Design

Bachelorette Pad Design