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Fun, Stylish Bedding – LiLu’s Look of the Day

Fun, Stylish Bedding is LiLu's Look of the Day!  Luxurious, Full bedding is one thing I just absolutely love.  This week has been all about bedroom design from the design process of two twin boys to our Healthy Home edition of Organic Mattresses and Bedding.  Today we show you some fun bedding looks for [...]

Healthy Home Tips – Organic Mattresses

Healthy Home Organic Mattresses and Bedding is part of our Healthy Home Series. Over the past years we have had the pleasure of designing various bedrooms for serveral clients.  They range from clean lined master bedrooms to intricate, traditional master suites.  Don't forget about those children, teenagers and babies.  We love designing for them [...]

One-of-a-Kind Design for Twin Brothers: Peek at a Project

PEEK AT A PROJECT We LOVE this project! Why? Because we are working with some of our very favorite clients. These two clients love design, are a pleasure to work with and oh yes, they are 9 years old! We've been designing bedrooms for twin brothers who are as different as can be! [...]

3 Bathroom Looks

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Trying to figure out what your bathroom style is? Bathrooms can be pulled together with a concept and a few key pieces. Let's say you wanted a bathroom that looks beachy. Start with sea glass greens or blues, add in some woven textures, maybe something with an iridescent [...]

The Best Summer Color Schemes-According to LiLu

The Best Summer Color Schemes Summer is a favorite season for so many people! Across much of the country the landscape changes and temperatures soar along with peoples spirits! Often the pace of life changes too. I little more play, a little less work. In Minnesota, everyone is compelled to make the most of [...]

Old-Fashioned Ice Box Inspiration

LILU LOOK OF THE DAY Get the Look! Today's Look of the Day is inspired by a recently completed project in which we designed kitchen cabinetry to look like an old-fashioned ice box. (In case you missed it: catch up by reading this blog post ) If you were loving the vibes of that [...]

Creating a Bespoke Interior-Maker Erik Wyckoff-According to LiLu

What goes into creating a bespoke interior? Many hand-crafted details and a thoughtful design process are key to a bespoke interior. At LiLu Interiors, we pride ourselves on creating interiors that are reflections of our client’s lifestyle. Not about trends but speaks to our clients on a soul level. That way their interior should [...]

Geode Inspiration-Look of the Day

A geode is a round rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals.  They offer much inspiration and beauty to the world of interiors.  Today's look of the day is all about geodes and how they can have made their way into furniture, lighting, accessories and wallcoverings.  We love to use a mix [...]