by Lisa Peck, ASID

I attended Art-A-Whirl with my two young daughters this past weekend and was once again reminded what a wonderful art community surrounds us here in the Twin Cities. It is inspirational! I visited studios of artists I know and found a few new artists whose work I had not seen before.

It was really exciting for me to hear my eight-year-old explain to my three-year-old, “These people made all of this with their hands! Their hands and paint or clay or something!” She reminded me of something….that it is a real treat to own a piece of art when you have met the artist. She was so happy to meet the artists and it gave her a deeper appreciation of what the art means and how it was created.

Following are some of the artists we visited. Many of their studios are also open on the first Thursday of the Month. (every month)

Andree Tracey