A recent profile of Alber Elbaz,  the designer of the Paris fashion house Lanvin, appeared in The New Yorker. My husband called it to my attention and said, “This guy talks about fashion the way you talk about interiors.”  I run a small interior design studio in Minneapolis and he designs for a world famous Parisian fashion house, it’s almost the same thing, right? The profile was so rich in quotes and thoughts that I felt an affinity for and that I found inspirational!

Elbaz is said to talk a lot about creating value. Not a bargain, but value. This is an idea I think about and try to bring to my design. Often the interiors we create have custom details and well woven fabrics, but only when the design solution adds value to the environment and enriches the experience of the people in the space. A well built furniture frame brings longevity to the en