Transitional Mix

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By Lisa Peck This pattern mix show how to create a pattern mix that is transitional. By mixing traditional patterns along side contemporary patterns you can create a transitional look. Notice all the fabrics have blue and green but some add in brown, off-white and sharper greens for variety. Featuring fabrics from Lee Jofa, Schumacher, [...]

Traditional Mix

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By Lisa Peck This traditional pattern mix shows how a successful mix uses the basic rules. Common colors, mix of scale, mix of organic and geometric patterns and a similar sense of formality. Featuring fabrics from some of our favorite lines Schumacher, Cowtan and Tout, and Colefax and Fowler.

Mix It Up

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By Lisa Peck Maybe it's my upbringing in a room with large scale patterns featuring hot pink, white and purple poppies but I am all for using pattern in interiors. One of the most terrifying aspects of putting a room together for the less experienced is mixing patterns. There is a science and an art [...]

At Your Feet – The Front Entry

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by Emily Anderson LiLu believes the entry rug is the perfect prelude to the rest of your home. Tell your guests who you are without saying a word. Is your rug soft and serene, bold and graphic, or warm and textural? Make sure your entry rug matches your personality and the personality of your house. [...]

Illuminating Idea – The Front Entry

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by Emily Anderson LiLu loves lanterns! These beautiful lanterns are the perfect touch for any front entry. Fabulous in their simplicity; these fixtures won't overpower a small space. From traditional to contemporary, these beautiful luminaries will leave your guests breathless.

Take a Seat – The Front Entry

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by Emily Anderson Placing a bench in the entry provides a place for guests to perch as they remove their shoes. Often it's a forgotten detail that can leave guests teetering on one leg, trying to balance as they take off a snow-covered boot. A beautiful bench is a treat to look at and helps [...]

Welcome Home – The Front Entry

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By Emily Anderson The holiday season is now in full swing. We welcome family and friends to our homes with open arms, hurrying them in from the cold. Our goal is to provide our guests with a memorable experience. One that leaves them thinking, " Wow, I love spending time at their house. I'm not [...]