When Tables are Turned—Friday’s Look of the Day

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By Josh Anderson Our feature project Condo-maximum includes a custom dining table that perfectly fits the needs of our clients. Susie loves to cook. And she wanted their move into a condo in downtown Minneapolis to offer her the ability to comfortably host large gatherings of family and friends. As a result, a unique requirement [...]

The Story Behind Condo Maximum-According to LiLu Clients

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Susie admits that their wish list for a downtown condo was extremely specific. And she concedes that their unwillingness to compromise led to a search that stretched on for 1-1/2 years. But in the end, they found a place that met their criteria even if it didn’t reflect their design taste. What ultimately sold them [...]

Condo Maximum-Peek at a Project

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By Josh Anderson Susie and Matt were asking some important questions as they considered moving out of their family home in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. Now that they were empty nesters and grandparents, what would change? What needed to remain the same? Their search took more than 1-1/2 years, but once Susie and [...]

Kitchen Refresh: Low Cost Big Impact Ideas – Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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This week we have been looking way to refresh your kitchen. Monday's Peek at a Project featured a small kitchen update that transformed the overall look and feel, and Wednesday we shared tips for remodeling a kitchen on a budget. Friday's LiLu Look of the Day focuses on big impact ideas when your kitchen needs [...]

Update for Blah Kitchen- Peek at a Project

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  Our latest peek at a project is another kitchen that needed a small update. Our client moved into a new home and didn't love the kitchen. She isn't a cook, so there weren't any functional problems. She just wanted the space to be more welcoming and reflect her personality. And she didn't want to [...]

The All-American Home-According to LiLu

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By Lisa Peck, ASID How do we define the All-American Home? Well, the truth is, our homes are as diverse as our population. Each person in our country is guaranteed the right to pursue happiness and many of them do so by creating a home, on the land they own, in the style that suits [...]

Simple Kitchen Refresh: Peek at a Project

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Sometimes the best thing to do with a design is to keep it simple! Our client moved into a home with lots of light and dark contrast in the finishes. Lots of black light fixtures, hardware, counter tops, and tile. She wanted to lighten the whole house up without redoing everything. In her kitchen, we [...]

Knot-ical: LiLu’s Look of the Day

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    LiLu's Look of the Day~ Check out some of LiLu's favorite pieces from Kenneth Cobonpue featuring knotted furniture and lighting! Any of these great pieces would feel at home in a funky nautical interior!