Friday’s Look of the Day: Serenity Now

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Friday's Look of the Day is our Trend Watch of Serenity Now.  Serenity as defined in the dictionary is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.  Today this seems like an all too important trend to have take place and to have staying power.  In our world that is increasingly getting more complex with [...]

Top Five Design Tips for Today’s Woman – According to LiLu

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Women wear many hats these days and you don't have to be working outside the home to be a clever multi-tasking 'busy' woman. Let's say intentionally engaged, enthusiastically involved, passionately curious! As we all long to lead a more intentional and mindful lifestyle, here are our top five design tips for inviting ease into your [...]

Master Suite Escape – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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Peek at a Project: Master Suite Escape Check out this master bedroom and bathroom we just installed for clients who have 4 young children. In other words, mama needs an escape! The design is meant to create sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. It's got a stream shower and a soaking tub to do [...]

In The Words of Dorothy Draper – Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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In the words of Dorothy Draper...Friday's LiLu Look of the Day features notable quotes by legendary design icon Dorothy Draper, in celebration of Women's History Month. Her voice, like her designs, was bold, honest and a bit sassy. Timeless. We couldn't agree with her more!    

Celebrating Women’s History Month and the Design Icon Dorothy Draper – According to LiLu Interiors

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To move forward into the future we must also look backward into our past. History records the trails blazed by strong inventive women and we hold these stories dearly with us in present day and we carry them with us into the future. During Women's History Month LiLu Interiors is re-posting blogs we shared in [...]

Dorothy Draper, Design Icon – Monday’s Peek at a Draper Project

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Because it is Women's History month, the designers at LiLu Interiors would like to take a moment to honor the work of design icon Dorothy Draper. We ran a series of blog posts about Dorothy Draper in 2010 that we thought were worthy of re-posting. Some have said that while experiencing one of Dorothy Draper's [...]

Designing Family Traditions into Your Home – According to LiLu

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Designing family traditions into your home starts with creating spaces for making memories. The design of your home can support all that you value, so that you can live in your values. What family traditions do you enjoy? Family game night, cooking together? When designing a home, your home, think of the family traditions you [...]

Designing a Library Loft – Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

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Designing a library loft space - "Yes! What a fun idea!" was our enthusiastic response when our client shared his desire to create a unique space for him and his children to read together. Let's take advantage of the height of the ceiling, and incorporate the round window and transform an underutilized formal living room [...]

Space Saver—Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

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Sitting down and spending time with our long-time client Heidi helped us learn more about her specific desires for this project. From that moment on, we were able to design functional solutions that make this the kitchen of her dreams. We focused heavily on creating significant storage spaces. Everything needed to be accessible, whether [...]