26 April, 2010

Blank, blank, blank

By Lisa Peck, ASID
I am inspired by the blank page and the people in this world who fill those blank pages, canvasses, etc with words, drawings and ideas. As you look for inspiration when starting a creative endeavor where do you turn?
Definition of creativity:
Creativity is a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the existing ideas or concepts, fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight (from Wikipedia)
I often read about other designers, artists, authors, scientists etc. and their creative process. I don’t often dissect my own creative process. I think that dissecting it could make me over think how I get from a blank page to a constructed and furnished space.
Some students of creativity have emphasized an element of chance in the creative process. Linus Pauling, asked at a public lecture how one creates scientific theories, replied that one must endeavor to come up with many ideas — then discard the useless ones. (from Wikipedia)
At LiLu we follow a process when approaching the creative problem solving that each project represents. Here is a basic outline of the process.
Verbal Intake- We speak with our clients, the creative team involved in the project.
Documentation-The team at Lilu document the space, site or existing furnishings with photos, and measurements.
Client questionnaire- In a written form we get different information from our clients, reflective, objective.
Concept Development-The LiLu team will sit down and brainstorm to come up with many ideas, and approaches and then develop the best one.
Be Open to New Paths-We leave ourselves open to the input of the universe as we develop our solutions.
We always keep this quote in mind:
“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein
Join us for a short profile of a different creative each day this week.

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