22 March, 2010

Behind the Seams

By Emily Anderson
I've been in the design industry for over six years. Lisa has over twenty-five years experience and LuAnne has over fifteen. One of the many parts of our job that never gets old is working with the skilled craftsman in our area. From drapery workrooms to granite fabricators, we never tire of working with these experts at their craft.
It starts out with an idea on LiLu's part. We present our ideas to our client in a design meeting. With their approval, we enlist the help of one of our many partners in the industry. It may be a drapery workroom, a metal shop, a granite fabricator, an upholstery workroom or some other specialty. These are the people that take our idea and make it reality. They often work off a drawing we've created, carefully re-creating the intricate details of our design.
LiLu wanted to give you an insider's peek into this world of workrooms and warehouses that few people ever get to see. They are often inspiring places, full of interesting projects in various stages of production, fascinating tools and machines, bolts of fabric, slabs of granite and rolls of carpet. A designer's dream! It is in these workrooms that all the design "magic" happens. If you are one of LiLu's clients this may give you a behind the seams (or scenes) look at a workroom that crafted something in your own home that you love.

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