24 March, 2010

Behind the Seams – Innovative Surfaces

By Emily Anderson
This week we're giving you a behind the scenes peek at some of the cool places LiLu gets to go. As designers, we work closely with granite suppliers and granite fabricators. LiLu loves specifiying all kinds of counter top materials and it's important to find the right product for every situation, but nothing gives you the movement and depth found in natural granite.

When using granite, the first step is to select slabs with our client. We do this at a granite supplier. We often work with Terrazzo and Marble Supply in Golden Valley or Stone Holdings in Plymouth. The warehouses are incredible, full of thousands of slabs from all over the world in every imaginable color. The warehouses always leave us inspired and we love seeing new products as they become available. Similar to the warehouses in these photos, we select the exact slabs that will be used in the project.


Once the slabs are selected they are delivered to the fabricator. LiLu has worked with Innovative Surfaces on many projects, the following photos are highlighted on their website and give a step by step look at the process. The fabricator measures on site and then fabricates the slabs at their warehouse.
IS cutting
In this LiLu kitchen, Innovative Surfaces fabricated the granite. With the sweeping curve on the almost 18'-0" long island, precision was key. Innovative Surfaces did not disappoint and helped make this island a show stopper. This rare granite is called Sand Cove.

Bame residence Kitchen remodel by Lilo Interiors

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