27 March, 2013

Beautiful Steel

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
I recently came across a new line of furnishings and I just couldn't wait to share.  We love to find new resources and we especially love when there is a beautiful story behind each piece and the company.  Lucy Smith from Alabama has created a furniture line in the warehouse that is in front of her Family's Steel Business. "Each piece is designed and built onsite, and each piece is personal, distinctive, and uniquely one-of-a-kind."
Their philosophy which is also found on their website: www.lucysmithdesigns.com
"Our roots are set in steel. Out of a century old family metal business, our design studio was born. Each piece of furniture is thoughtfully considered, carefully hand crafted, and artfully forged. We make mirrors that reflect the imagination that went into them, seating that sets a new benchmark, and tables that hold a lamp as gracefully as they do your attention. Here, timeless style is ever evolving. One piece at a time. But what will always remain are the beliefs that inspire us every day. Substance is the essence of beauty. There is magnitude in the finer details. And nothing on earth is more enduring, or more immensely valuable, than family."