09 August, 2019

3 Bathroom Looks


Trying to figure out what your bathroom style is? Bathrooms can be pulled together with a concept and a few key pieces. Let's say you wanted a bathroom that looks beachy. Start with sea glass greens or blues, add in some woven textures, maybe something with an iridescent shell finish, and voila! You've created a look! Interested in a bathroom that's Glam and White? Crisp white towels and a gold soap dispenser are a good place to start. Throw in a ceramic toothbrush holder with gold accents. Maybe a white floral, and you've got instant Glam. Wanting something more masculine for the bathroom? An architectural-looking faucet and soap dispenser create a good base. Accents of wood and leather add richness. Add a really great set of towels and BOOM- your bathroom feels masculine.
Here are some looks that LiLu put together with a concept (Beachy, Glam White, Masculine) and a few key pieces:
beach-bathroom-design-interior-designers.jpg glamorous-bathroom-design-interior-designers-minneapolis-55405.jpg masculine-bathroom-design-interior-designer-mn-55405.jpg pin this 1 BATHROOM-DESIGN-INTERIOR-DESIGN-MINNEAPOLIS.JPG

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