26 May, 2011

Barbara Barry at Blogfest

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Inspiration was everywhere at Blogfest but I was especially uplifted and inspired by Barbara Barry's presentation of her new Indochine collection by Kravet. Barbara was gracious, generous with her time and inspiring. She took the time after her formal presentation to show each fabric to the crowd of bloggers and showed off her playful side.
She also took time to personally greet each blogger and take a photo with them.






Here are the main points I took away from her talk.

She makes no apologies from working from an intuitive place, envisioning her dreams and making them happen.

Here are a few quotes from the talk...

"Life can be hard but there is space for balance with beauty and graciousness" Barbara Barry

"Designers take in complexity and organize it" Barbara Barry

"Design is about what exists freely in the world." Barbara Barry

"Decorating for me is about a mood. I am not concerned where things come from" Barbara Barry

As I move forward from Blogfest I am looking at things with fresh eyes. I have always used my intuitive sense as a designer but I feel renewed and more open to the ideas that exist in the world.


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