13 November, 2021

Is Banquette Seating Perfect for My Family?

Is Banquette Seating Perfect for My Family?

Are you someone who has always preferred sitting at a booth when dining at a restaurant to sitting at a table? There's something about booth seating that feels private and intimate, yet casual and comfortable. You can bring that booth feeling home by incorporating banquette seating into your kitchen or dining room, which is our topic this week on the blog. At Lilu, we design custom solutions for our clients, and this is just one of the many unique design solutions we can provide.
One of the pros of banquette seating is that it is perfect for tight-to-fit dining spaces. Even if you aren't following the tiny house trend, banquette seating can really open up a tight space. It's also great for families with small children because you can fit all your kiddos on the bench! Banquette seating can be any style, and it is the perfect solution for casual entertaining.
Keep reading to see how we've used this seating style in our projects.

Banquette Seating - Art-Loving Clients

This condo seemed to have no space for a dining table, only seating at the kitchen table. A built-in banquette made it possible for our clients, who love to entertain, to have a dining area. The extension table allowed it to feel comfortable for anywhere from two to eight diners.
The modern, sleek, artful design of this banquette fit our art-loving client's lifestyle perfectly.

Banquette Seating - Eat-in Kitchen Solution

If you want an eat-in kitchen, but don't have a ton of space, a banquette can be the perfect answer to your dilemma.
This client loves timeless classics, and we think the banquette we installed in their kitchen fits the aesthetic perfectly.

Free-Standing Banquette

Using a free-standing banquette in a small kitchen can create a dining spot in front of windows, where a built-in banquette or booth wouldn't work. That's what we did in this space, and isn't it just idyllic. Imagine eating breakfast right next to all that natural light...what a way to start the day!
This client loves classic, but with an unexpected twist, which is exactly the vibe that this banquette seating gives off.

Charming Breakfast Nook

Banquette seating is perfect for that charming and intimate breakfast nook experience you've always dreamed of.
These clients are traditionalists who love the outdoors. The rustic wood table paired with the flannel-inspired banquette seating is true to our client's personalities, and true to our values of personality-driven design.

A Place to Hang Out

In this project, the banquette seating serves as a place to hang out in a smaller kitchen. It's out of the way of the work triangle of the kitchen, but still, close enough so diners can talk with the cook as a meal is prepared.
This project was for a client who lives up in northern Minnesota and loves a casual home where others love to hang out. The banquette is perfect for creating a casual, comfortable environment your guests won't be able to wait to return to.
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Comments on Is Banquette Seating Perfect for My Family?
  1. Samantha Regan says:

    I’ve thought about this for the room off our kitchen. This post makes me want to do it soon! I love the idea!

  2. Amy Wax says:

    I loved reading this post and every photo looks great! I’ve always thought of this as a classic style, although you make it look so fresh and new!

  3. Janet says:

    Banquettes are such a great option for so many spaces – we’ve created quite a few and I’ve had one in my own kitchen in the past as well! What beautiful inspiration here – I LOVE that breakfast nook with the freestanding banquette – brilliant solution!

  4. Deborah says:

    Have always loved a Banquet setting and I have just the place too!! Great inspiration-

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    I really enjoyed seeing all of the options for banquette seating.

  6. Leslie Carothers says:

    You gave me such a GREAT idea for my own dining room area, Lisa – a free standing banquette.
    Thank you for that! It solves a problem I have, and I didn’t think about placing it in front of my window, but I could definitely do that.

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