01 August, 2011

Backyard Oasis

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day we here in Minnesota try to jam pack as much “FUN” as we can into those three short months of summer.  Whether it is going to the beach, having a BBQ, golfing or fishing on one of our many lakes…it doesn’t really matter; we just want to be outside! 

If you are like me, I begin to feel guilty when I am inside on a beautiful day.  Picking weeds even sounds fun!  Maybe you wouldn’t go that far but the one thing that is a necessity for Minnesotans is to have a place where they can retreat outside of their homes but not too far…just outside the door will do. 

Follow LiLu this week as we explore how to make your backyard a little more fun here in Minnesota. Below are some fun ways to brighten up any space no matter the size, shape or opportunity!Fun Colorful umbrellas sure to brighten any space from samonadesign.com


Incase you are not someone who is able to grow beautiful full gardens or even a plant...these are fool proof from Flora-Picto

 From Deesawat, these woven wood privacy fences are beautiful and functional.  No matter what size space you have these would help create a retreat from neighbors.