27 April, 2009

Authenticity Inspires

I think there is a cultural shift afoot that is resulting in people approaching things in a new way. One shift that I see that is exciting to me is the increased interest in authenticity. I think our culture is reevaluating how they are making decisions. They want to be real. I applaud this effort and have always incorporated this philosophy into designing interiors.
Does your home reflect the authentic you? And who your family really is? By building interiors and environments that are authentic you will ensure they are lasting and timeless, because you are. By giving intentional thought to your values, your personality, your passions and designing around those criteria you will have a home that does three things for you: supports you in a real way, expresses who you are to guests in your home, and has opportunity to evolve with you while having the lasting foundation that represents the roots of who you (or your family) are.
Think about your values as an individual or a family. Do you value the environment? Design with a green emphasis and make long term choices.  Do you value education? Incorporate what I like to call a resource rich environment. Do you value spending time together as a family? Design a home where multiple activities can be enjoyed in the same space. Do you like to be creative? Incorporate spaces for self expression into your home. Do you like to stay active? Design space to support your dance, yoga, or exercise program. Do you think it is important to honor your ancestry? Incorporate traditional patterning, historical documents or family memorabilia into your home. This list could be endless and would be unique to each family or person.  It may seem like you would need to have a lot of space or a huge budget to do these things but the truth is that a thoughtful approach to the design of your space may be all that is required to incorporate all of your values into your space.
Think about your personality as an individual or family. Are you the bubbly, gregarious life of the party? Chances are you want your space to have color, rhythm and distinct areas of emphasis. You may want it to be comfortable so guests will love to come to a party at your house. Are you a quiet, reflective, introvert? Perhaps your ideal space is a zen retreat. Do you consider yourself a technical wiz? Maybe your home is a smart home with all the latest technology. Are you sentimental or romantic? Soft colors, traditional furnishings and intricate patterns would let people who visit your home know this. Again, the list is as long as the number of people on the planet. But you get the idea!
We start each project with your values, personality and passions in mind. Then your space is authentic, lasting and fits you perfectly.
What do the following interiors say to you about their occupants? Anything? You decide!

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