08 September, 2010

ASID Community Service Committee

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
I am currently serving as Chair of our local chapter of American Society of Interior Designer's Community Service Committee. I initially joined the group in 2004 when my college friend approached me with a question: "Does ASID have a community service committee because I have a great project that needs professional design help!" When I contacted the ASID office the committee welcomed me in as Co-Chair that year. I am so glad they did!
For me serving on the committee has been about building relationships and discovering what is happening right here in our own community. It has been such a great opportunity to meet people and learn something new with every meeting, every encounter, every project. Anytime you get a group of volunteers  together that share a common interest wonderful things happen. It is exciting to be a part of the process. It starts with the initial dream when everything is just an imagined thought in our heads. Building relationships and learning along the way, the journey never really ends. The finished spaces are just the beginning in fulfilling dreams. The real magic happens when the residents move in and make it a home.
Our committee is made up of individual designers who are members of ASID. Our members have changed over the years but our mission has remained: to design a safe and inspiring environment for the less fortunate, providing a foundation for individuals to grow as members within a community by volunteering the time and professional education and experience of our committee members.
I am familiar with collaborating in design teams because that is how we work at LiLu Interiors. We collaborate within the office, with our clients, and with all the members of the design team: architects, builders, contractors, trade professionals. The process results in a better, well thought out solution and superior project overall. We approach our Community Service Committee work in the same way. Collaborating with fellow designers is always inspiring. We all bring different backgrounds and experiences to the table. We learn about new resources through each other. We share specific expertise. We all work together to accomplish our goal.
For more information on a few of the wonderful organizations in the community who are working hard to make a difference and building a better tomorrow check out the following websites:

Aeon: Homes for Generations



Youthlink: Youth Opportunity Center



Homeward Bound: Supporting Children and Adults with Disabilities



Boys and Girls Clubs


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