13 April, 2009

Art Inspires

Every designer will tell you that art inspires. Art speaks to the heart. Art can make an ordinary room extraordinary. It can.
I suppose I could add to the ubiquitous words of others, but instead I will suggest that you get out in the world and experience art for yourself. Living here in the Twin Cities you can find great art right here in our community. I find that when I visit the local galleries and artists lofts I often find a renewed since of inspiration.
Maybe you can even treat yourself to a piece or two to bring new life into your home.
Here are some teasers and suggestions for where to go and get inspired locally. If you need ideas beyond these, just give us a call.
Artist: Abigail Anderson
Artist: Dani Roach
For the above artists visit Groveland Gallery...or see www.grovelandgallery.com
nlb-3 Artist: Tom Maras
Try visiting the Northrup King Building to see the work of Tom Maras and a variety of other artists. www.northrupkingbuilding.com
steinbachk_08lisaiusf_10The pieces above are from Circa Gallery. www.circagallery.org
Artist: Barbara Roche
You can also visit individual artist studios like Barbara Roche.   www.barbararoche.org

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