28 November, 2012

Art Galleries Around Town

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
One of the great joys of being an interior designer is that we get to look and scope out art during our work day.  Visting Galleries, meeting artists and even being able to see their studios and how they work, discussing comissioned work for our clients and surrounding ourselves with beauty are a just a few of the perks we have.
Minneapolis is a very creative and energetic city when it comes to art.  We are so lucky to have so many galleries right here.  One of our favorites is Circa Gallery.  It is located in the Warehouse District and is a contemporary art gallery.  The customer service is impeccable and they are always changing out their exhibitions...every 6 weeks to be exact.  They have a variety of artists and medias that are used.
One artist that we had the opportunity to use in a client's home is Fred Lisauis.  His work is whimiscal with beautiful use of colors.



Another Gallery that we love to visit is the Anita Sue Kolman Gallery.  It is located in the Northrup King Building.  If you have never been to the Northrup King Building and just happen to be looking for something to do this winter...this is a great place to spend an afternoon.  Their schedule can be found on the website at www.northrupkingbuilding.com They are open Saturdays from 12-4, every first Thursday from 5-9 and then have numerous events throughout the year.  Also, if there is a certain artist you would like to see or meet you can always set up a time to do so.  

The Anita Sue Kolman Gallery always puts on such fun, exciting shows.  It is a warm and friendly environment and Anita takes great care of all her guests. 

Another artist that we had the privilage of connecting with is Patrick Kemal Pryor.  He is best described by his own artist's statement. 

"I recently found twelve mannequins that were being thrown away by a clothing store. I saw them being carried out into an alley, I asked if I could have them, packed them in my car, and took them home. In haste, I placed the mannequins about my living room. Some were lying down, some were on stands, some had detached arms, and the arms were on the floor in no particular order. It really looked like something had happened and that there was a lot going on even though there wasn’t anything actually happening. There was a sense of drama and movement, and the mannequins seemed to be interacting with each other and with the other inanimate objects in the room.

I want my paintings to be like the room full of mannequins where there are many possible narratives, relationships and little bit of absurdity.
Through the process of imagining and exploring these stories and relationships we can understand that every scenario, and every event has multiple possible narratives and while we usually think we can see the truth we really cannot."

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