24 March, 2021

Behind the Scenes of a Gallery Wall Installation: Peek at a Project


Gallery Wall: Peek at a Project

A peek at a project takes us behind the scenes of arranging a gallery wall for a client. We love doing this! It makes such a unique statement to combine personal photographs with artwork and create a gallery wall. Here's a peek behind the scenes to see how it happens from concept to install...

Behind the Scenes

Our client had fun family photos and artwork that needed a home. The upper hallway needed something to warm it up. The hallway connects their bedrooms so this was the perfect place for a gallery wall.  The first thing we do is measure our blank wall and find out how much space we have. The next step is to measure all of our frames.  Then we start with a sketch. Trying different arrangements on paper is an easy way to see what works best. Then we lay out all the pieces on the floor according to the sketch. Sometimes it is best and most efficient to rearrange on the floor. For this client we tried a few different layouts on the floor until the balance was just right.
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Top Pro Tips

Once you have your gallery wall arranged on the floor it is time to transfer to the wall. Start by finding your center and the height off the floor. Most of the time you want your center to be at eye level. For this project we had to work around a radiator to get the right height. Next measure from the floor up to bottom of the first piece. Start in the center and work your way out. Remember to allow for spacing in between each piece.
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Gallery Wall Sneak Peek

So here is a sneak peek at the gallery wall installation. The simple frames show off the mix of family photos and artwork. Combining both horizontal and vertical formats makes an interesting layout. The similar frames tie it all together into an overall composition.

Final Install

The gallery wall is at eye height for the family to enjoy and warms up the hallway. We were excited to see this installation come together!
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